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London Emission Zone – An Utter Shambles

Me: I’d like to pay the emission zone charge. But I need to know if I went in before midnight. Bellend: We can’t tell you that information. Me: But I need to know. I don’t want to get a fine. … Continue reading

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I’m on Tour

It’s official, I’m going on tour with my children’s show Mike Belgrave’s Krazy Komedy Show 4 Kidz.  So far I’m doing the Edinburgh Fringe 31st July – 16th Aug 3.45pm Maggie’s Chamber Three Sisters.  Then when U get back I’m playing … Continue reading

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Stop! It’s too detailed.

So, barely any time left to hand in my three projects on 11th May and we only have one more class together before heads down to work on the final project. Today we sat around with Paul to discuss our … Continue reading

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Oh great. I now have a dilemma. I now have three ways to do my final project. The original idea was to do the whole thing in photo montage cutout animation. However after showing the class my short fight sequence … Continue reading

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For this semester I so far have two projects I need to be getting on with. The shorter one is a green screen project that fuses live footage with animation. Something I am no stranger to with my world famous … Continue reading

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Connecting iphone to orange livebox 9700 in one minute

1. Write down the WEP code from the bottom of your Orange Livebox 9700.   It will be about 26 characters long. 2. On your iphone go to Settings Wifi Livebox-9700 3. When you are asked for the password type … Continue reading

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