Edinburgh Fringe Blog Thurs 31st July It’s Show Time!!!!

So I woke up about 8.30am and headed to the kitchen to make a coffee and heat up the pasta I made yesterday.  Sitting there was a woman I’d never met before who blurted out at a million miles a second, “Do you know what happened to me last night I locked myself out of my room and I had to ask the neighbours to use their phone and I was in my underpants and I called the agency who let me in which cost me fifty pounds.”

And I said, “Hi, I’m Mike.  And you are?”  Turns out it was my other flatmate Candy who as you may have guessed locked herself out of her room.  Darren and Leo got up and the puns started almost straight away.  Leo is kind enough to keep them to a minimum.  Darren on the other hand starts sentences which sound like they’re going to be puns but they are in fact normal conversations.  This I didn’t mind.  It gave me an excuse to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, Innuendo. So I gave it to him right up the pun.

2014 07 31 carrotsAt about 11 Candy said that she was getting a delivery of carrots for her show and someone had to be in to get them as she was going to be out.  Weird I thought.  Why not just got to Sainsburys across the road?  Eventually they came and it was a massive box of carrots with the green stalks still on.  So I put them in the fridge and they took up all of the fridge.

So I had a few cups of coffee and pasta, had a nice chat with my lovely flatmates then headed to my room and did some more animation for my show and practised the timings and sang the songs.  Was I ready?  No.  Was I nervous? Yes.  Luckily Huggers, the show before me wasn’t on, so I was able to get my ass down to the Three Sisters and work out how to put my show together on the stage.  I didn’t bother to flyer as I didn’t particularly want a big audience for my first run.  It didn’t take too long to set up.  I brought about 10 different leads with me, but in the end all I needed was the VGA cable and I was ready to go.  About 50 people showed up which was awesome considering I didn’t flyer or ticket the show.

How did the show go?  Well in my head it was an utter shambles and the computer froze in the middle.  But I know for a fact that I was being over sensitive, because I’d put more work into this show than any other and took every hiccup personally.  I know it didn’t go vaguely as bad as I thought because I had loads of parents telling how great the show was and even have had messages from parent later on saying how much their children loved it.  Here’s two of my favourites.

Leona Corio (on my Facebook page)
Came to your kids show at the festival this afternoon! (My kids were the very noisy girls on stage! Lol!) We had such a lovely afternoon! Kids talked about how funny you were all the way home. Great show! Hope the rest of your shows all go well! Thank you 🙂

Catherine Coutts (edfringe.com)
We went to see Mike’s first show on 31 July. It was fantastic – 5 out of 5. As Mike says when he steps on stage, it is just pure silliness – and the kids love it. Definitely the best thing we’ve seen on the Fringe so far (and no, I’m not Mike’s mum!!)

2014 07 31 Piemaker the firstHappy with the feedback but knowing more work needed to be done I bought a load of groceries and a few pies from Piemaker.  A steak and ale and an extra-large peppered steak.  Had those two with a glass of red wine and watched a bit of Man of Steel that Nik Coppin said would be much better the second time round.  I have to say he was right.  The bit with Jonathan Kent and the hurricane made me well up a little.  Good old Kevin Costner.

I then spent hours working out why the PC had frozen and I worked out I should have just restarted the computer when I got there and I didn’t realise you can click a button that compresses the files in PowerPoint so they run smoother on your computer.  I ran it through at the flat and fingers crossed this time it would work.

I didn’t bother going out and was pretty much asleep just after 12.  Rock and roll me.

2014 07 31 foreign coinOh and I got my first foreign coin of the festival in my collection.

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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