Edinburgh Fringe Blog Weds 30th July 2014 Free Festival Launch Party

I must have had about 4 hours sleep with my feet dangling off the edge of the sofa and my hoodie over me as a blanket.  But regardless of this I slept surprisingly well.  Had a coffee, moved the van to around the corner and did a little bit of emailing and social networking.  2014 07 30 Students Stealing SofaLoaded the van, took my stuff to the proper flat and drove the van about a mile away and walked back in the blazing Scottish sunshine.  I had a T-shirt, flip flops and shorts on and like the classic Dangerous T joke, I was still sweating.  You know that joke he does, it’s genius.  On the way to the flat I saw some students carrying a sofa.  Wacky performance piece or theft?  You decide.


2014 07 30 my room si already a messOn the way to the flat I bought a load of pasta, meatballs, sauce etc etc. and then I went to Greggs and bought some pies.  Don’t tell the people that own Piemaker.  I unpacked and made my room an instant mess, I skyped my wife and daughter which was lovely, ate my pies, cooked the pasta meal for the flat and made my way to the Th2014 07 30 Pasta and meatballs for the flatree Sisters launch party where fingers crossed that bloody DVD would finally work.  It was a gloriously lovely sunny day.  I got the DVD working, got chatting to the lovely Karen Bayley and her cute dog and then the heavens opened.  Great.  And there I was in shorts and T-Shirt, being got at by the great Scottish summer.

The party was great fun.  Genius idea to have it outdoor with a cover as every other year it’s been hotter than hell.  Leo Kearse popped in and grabbed the keys to the flat.  I was telling him about the party which he didn’t seem too interested in till I mention the free booze and food.  Then he was like a Meerkat on heat who’s just seen another Meerkat of the opposite sex also on heat.

The party was great fun and unpretentious like some of the parties I’ve been too at the fringe.  I got myself a few free beers and a rather awesome hog roast in a ciabatta from the street food stall.  The show was great fun as well.  My particular favourite was the mad bloke with puppets, his name is Paul Vickers and the character’s name is Twonky.  Definitely go and see him. I was particularly impressed with the way Sully O Sullivan and bobby Mair wowed the crowd.  As a stand up its difficult to make people listen after they’ve had music, visual stuff, drags acts etc etc.  But these boys were amazing and held the crowd beautifully.  My absolute faves were The Sons of Pitches.  Brilliant brilliant A Cappella.  The sort of show t2014 07 30 That Spier-Man has really let himself go.hat starts at the Free Festival and rockets.  In my opinion they are the next Cabaret Whore, East End Cabaret and Austentatious.  Watch them now before the reviews come in and you can’t get a seat.  It was all MCd by the “too sexy for Edinburgh Festival” Jeff Leach.   I’m not gay, but I would.  Know what I’m saying?  Don’t tell the wife.

2014 07 30 Bummer-Man 1I stayed for a few more drink where Nik Coppin tried to bum Rob Deb and Katerina Vrana just wanted to talk to me so she could be mentioned in my blog.

Got home and slept so deep I was practically dead.  Didn’t hear the other flatmates come in.  Show still not finished.  Piemaker still not visited.  I’m slacking.

Oh and it was my birthday.  I got reminded by the 200 people who told me on Facebook.

Mike Belgrave’s Krazy Komedy Show 4 Kidz will be at the Free Sisters Maggie’s Chamber 3.45pm 31st July – 16th Aug 2014 DETAILS HERE

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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