Meanwhile Comix – Meet the Team and Cape Lifting 03

Well my comic book empire is firing along on half a cylinder.  It started off with just me and now I have a staff of three.  Let me introduce them.

Mike Belgrave
Mike Belgrave at Meanwhile ComixMike Belgrave is Editor in Chief of Meanwhile Comix.  In many ways the Stan Lee of the franchise, in hiring other talented people and sticking his name on the top, if Stan Lee wore a dress. He will often be found doing both adult and children’s shows around the country scaring both indiscriminately. The other members of the team are too dysfunctional to argue evidently as they have not noticed he cannot spell the word comics properly.

Nik Coppin
Nik Coppin at Meanwhile ComixNik is Head Artist at Meanwhile Comix.  Named because he is the best artist on the team.  If I can find anyone better he will be demoted back to tea boy.  As well as drawing better than Editor in Chief Mike Belgrave and writing jokes for Cape Lifting it is also his job to accuse people of having sex against their preferred choice.  If you are a man that like to sleep with ladies he will accuse you of enjoying cock.  If you are a gay man then he will accuse you of really wanting to pull women at Tiger Tiger.  Lesbian you enjoy cock, hetero woman enjoys fanny, bisexuals prefer animals, zoophiles enjoy humans and paedophiles should be shot, hung, drawn, quartered, run over and then told off.

Rob Deb
Rob Deb at Meanwhile ComixRob is a principle writer and human comic book encyclopedia at Meanwhile Comix.  It is his job to complain about anybody else doing comic book material on the comedy circuit and endlessly go on about the poor quality of his Edinburgh fringe brochure photo.  Editor in Chief Mike Belgrave puts up with this as he believes it’s a bizarre thought process because Rob will suddenly blurt out brilliant ideas and jokes for Cape Lifting.

Andre Roper
Andrew Roper at Meanwhile ComixAndrew is head of Pedantic Studies at Meanwhile Comix.  It is his job to nit-pick over
every tiny detail to drive the team to despair which Editor in Chief Mike Belgrave thinks he does mainly for sexual gratification.  For example, when Editor in Chief presented the first Cape Lifting Andrew said, “Why is Superman wearing a watch?” in Cape Lifting with the The Flash flashing in a park Andrew said, “Why is The Flash wearing a coat?” He has actually contributed to Cape Lifting but takes the phrase, “and then I took the rest of the day off” quite literally and goes to sleep through the sheer exhaustion of coming up with a one line joke.

Here’s the latest offering from the team.  Cape Lifting 03 – The Flash


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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