Creating a Comic 05 – Meanwhile Comic – Free comic book to Download

Today was a turn up for the comic books.  It started off nicely when my comedy pal Richard Lewis and photographer at my wedding and awesome portrait painter who did a moRichard Lewis's painting of Mike Belgravest excellent oil painting portrait of me so he could enter the National Gallery portrait

competition got in touch to say he enjoyed my boring blogs about creating a comic and decided to have a go himself.  Richard is like a lot of my friends, vastly more talented than me, so I’m pleased that I could at least be an inspiration to him.  Even if he did have to enter me to get into the national gallery.

Then while going through some boxes in my garage I unearthed a blue plastic folder that had a comic I wrote and drew circa 1995.  I’d totally forgotten about it and here they were maenwhile comicsthe original pages in their entirety.  There were all drawn at work and sometimes at home on the back of letter headed paper that was destined for the bin.  Flicking through it I was embarrassed that it was pretty much a third rate science fiction version of Viz.  The jokes are bad and I doubt even if some of my old colleagues would get the library in-jokes as they’re so obscure now.  I’m also really embarrassed because my sense of humour really hasn’t changed that much.

I put a message of Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in reading this time capsule and annoyingly loads of people said yes.  I suppose this a nice little buffer before Love in London comes out, which I promise is coming soon.  I’ve rewritten and redrawn some bits and its taking ages.  I wish I was more like I was when I did this comic.  From my opening notes on the second page I see I just drew and wrote as I went along.  That would explain how I was able to knock it out in a few weeks.  Love in London has a script and is planned.  MeanMeanwhile-Comics-Coverwhile Comic is a stream of conscience and I smoked a lot of weed back then,

So here it is, Meanwhile Comic Issue 1.  There weren’t any more issues.  Apart from my issues.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

Meanwhile Comic 01


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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