Bob’s Book Shop – Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Woke up feeling shocking and I ran to the bus in the Three Sisters courtyard to MC Huggers.  I had to kill about 35 minutes due to there only being two acts.  It was a great show but I was tired, sweating buckets and quite frankly I was starting to stink.  So I ran back to the flat, had a shower, chatted to the wife on the blower and then did the second Huggers show.  Did another 25 minute slot due to their only being another act and me.  Got my usual barrage of calls to do spots at gigs and declined them all because I was meeting up with a few friends and watching some shows.

I wanted to spend an afternoon in Bob’s Bookshop.  Basically this is an old Bookshop that Bob Slayer has rented out for the month and Bob had taken the trouble to “curate” this venue with weird and wonderful performances from lovely outsider comedy types.  First up I watched John Flemming’s Live Comedy Blog.  Each day John talks about a different subject with different guests and today subject was that hilarious standard ; mental illness.  As much it pains me to say, I got bored quite a lot due to some of the subject matter getting stuck in a rut and I also felt like I was eavesdropping in on a therapy session.  Some of the one-upmanship on what psychotic episodes they had and pills they take felt like a pissing contest and when Jorik Mol made an interesting point about stand up not being therapy, he got quickly talked over and the subject didn’t continue.  Worst of all it wasn’t really funny till Laura Levites turned up late and brought the house down with a few comments here and there that popped the pomposity of the show.  It’s billed as a live comedy blog and there was little comedy till she arrived.  Worst of all, John Flemming didn’t say much, which was a shame because it was him I was there to see.

A fantastic idea in a perfect setting, but John needs to take more control, because I couldn’t have been the only one there to see him.

John Flemming’s Live Comedy Blog Bob’s Bookshop 3.30pm

I hung around and watched Bob Slayer’s show with Aroe, a friend from Spain I hadn’t seen for ages.  Just before the show I asked Bob of he wanted something to eat as I was going to Piemaker.  I treated him to what I was getting, a large pepper steak and a steak and ale pie.

Now I’m not easily shocked, but Bob shocked me.  I was almost dumbstruck with his show.  I’ve seen Bob perform many times and have to admit I am already a fan.  I remember seeing him get drunker and drunker during his solo show two years ago.  I saw Bob have someone shove a rubber glove up his arse then walk off to have the glove still sticking out, people throwing darts at him, stealing drinks off the audience and make 90% of a room walk out.  But I could not believe what I saw at this show.  Bob simply talked.  I know, I know, he just talked.  And thank god he never bothered with a structure.  He literally had a chat, told interesting stories and every time he got distracted it just brought him onto another really entertaining story.  Bob’s had an interesting life and is great company over a pint.  This was like going to the pub with him, without someone interrupting to make themselves also entertaining and failing.  Bob did all the work.  Oh and he also bought me an awesome bottle of beer called Foxy Blonde as a thanks for the pies, which he loved of course.  So all in all a well behaved relatively sober well fed Bob.  Of course he had to get naked at the end and do some puppetry of the penis but it was a very good hour that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Bob was almost mainstream.  Next year I hope to see him in a dark blue suit, stood to one side with his hand in one pocket doing jokes about being caught wanking by his mum.

Bob Slayer – Worldwide Bawbag – Bob’s Book Shop 16:15

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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