Uncurated – Outsider Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – After the Cogs

I headed to the Three Sisters and my big screen projection wasn’t there which was a shame.  I popped into Shaggers which was packed.  About 140 in.  All the acts did a stunning job but special mention goes to Larry Dean who absolutely ripped it a new one.  Shaggers is a brilliant show that came about from a on idle conversation a few of us had in he car on the way back from Edinburgh in 2007.  It’s amazing to see how that’s grown.

Paul Gannon turned up and we had a long geeky chat about Dr Who, Lost and Babylon 5.  After the show a few if us went to the Blue Jacket for some beers and we were joined by the lovely Kunt and the Gang who told me some woman came to his show and was offended.  She said in particular, “You should have paid me to watch that.”  Its kind of odd that if she was that offended, why did she stay to the end.  I’m shocked that some people can get their trousers on in the morning.  How can anyone go to a show called Kunt and the Gang, that specifically says “not for the easily offended” and is promoted with a picture of Jimmy Saville and be surprised at how offensive the show is.

We grabbed some kebabs and pizzas and headed back to the flat and talked and drank and ate till 4am.  Apparently I’m doing the 11.15am Huggers show tomorrow.  Gah!  It’s gonna be a long four days.

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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