Uncurated – Outsider Comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – The Future’s Bright

After a nightmarish day the day before where I drove to East Finchley, walked to the station, had to get a replacement bus to Kings Cross, then a train to my gigs and then do the whole journey back again I got to my car And discovered I didn’t have my car keys. The time was 11pm. I dropped them at my first gig and had to do the whole arduous journey there and back which meant I finally got back to my car at 1.15am. I was supposed to drive to Tuxford and then get my train to Edinburgh from Newark the next day but I was so knackered I ended up just driving home to Dunstable and lay on the sofa bed with a bottle of wine watching Breaking Bad till 5am in the morning. Damn that program is more addictive than the crystal meth they make on the show. I texted Nik at 4am to tell him and he said he had the same problem when he watched it. Which was nice as I’d spent many a year drinking wine with Nik till the early hours before heading off to the fringe, so why should this day be any different? Got about 5 hours sleep before driving to Tuxford when on the way I listened to a few radio documentaries about Wagner. One was particularly good about the similarities of Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. But that’s a subject for another blog.

I unpacked all the family stuff including a ludicrously heavy suitcase for 5 days away, had some lunch, played Tigers with my daughter and then got driven to Newark station. The train was delayed by ten minutes and I got chatting to a guy from Newcastle still at university. He was really funny, intelligent and charming so I knew he wasn’t performing at the festival.

Anyway I got onto my first class carriage, fired up my laptop, did some writing, checked out some reviews and looked at Facebook. And that’s pretty much all you’re allowed to do with the free wii, because haven forbid if you wanted to watch some episodes of Breaking Bad, you can’t because they’ve restricted all download and streaming sites to save on the bandwidth. As I looked at Facebook I wasn’t expecting the Edinburgh shit to fly against the fan so quickly. But it did.

On Nik Coppin’s facebook wall were complaints from him about a certain act screaming obscenities at the back of the room of the children’s show Huggers. Not at Nik for a change because he does have a habit of pissing women off after he’s shagged them. No this was at Christian Elderfield. I normally don’t care too much about public online spats but I was intrigued with this one. Maybe it was because I was stuck on train with limited broadband and no way of sneaking off to the toilet with my laptop for a wank. After Nik dropping some very unsubtle hints, Nick Page worked out it was Naomi Hefter. He pointed out the words “orange”, “mental” and “unfunny” were the giveaways. A few people have mentioned that if those are three words to describe you as a comedian it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. Once the cat was out of the bag it transpired that she sat at the back of the room screaming “faggot”, “paedophile” and “cunt” at Christian. I have to confess I was laughing really hard on the train which made me look very odd especially as I was sitting in one of those single seat things.

I don’t know the proper ins and outs but it transpires that it wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds. She definitely heckled him from that back of the room and this was in retaliation to him talking in one of her shows a week ago. I can see why she would be aggrieved but have a go at someone your pissed off about after the show. And certainly don’t do it a week later during someone else’s children’s show. Incredibly misguided and unprofessional. She later apologised to Nik saying she didn’t know it was his show. Some people just don’t get it. DON’T-DO-IT-AT-ANYONE’S-SHOW. Plus how can she say she didn’t know it was his show. On all the poster and flyers above the title Huggers it clearly reads “Nik Coppin presents”.

And for that dear readers, for giving me what I was would basically call a thoroughly entertaining hour or two without being at the actual fringe, I have decided that Naomi Hefter has officially had my first outsider comedian review.

Naomi Hefter and Christian Elderfield in Endless Love

UPDATE : I have gigged with Christian since and he does talk too loudly at gigs.  Maybe Naomi Hefter wasn’t so out of order after all.

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I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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