Doctor Who and the Season 7 trailer

Well I haven’t had much to report Doctor Who-wise for a while, but that’s mainly because I’m getting on with an Animation MA and currently attempting to write a more in depth Doctor Who book.  Also there haven’t been any episodes for a while and real life kicked in towards the end of the last series.  I have to confess I felt a little uninspired to blog about series six towards the end, because Last Orders, The God Complex and The Girl Who Waited all had the same basic plot.  Some robot or computer goes wrong and the malfunction is the cause for all the problems in the story.  I read that plotline in a Fantastic Four comic when I was 10 and can’t believe it was rehashed three times in a row.  I didn’t get around to writing about the last three episodes of series 6 and it even took me three months to get around to watching the Xmas episode The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe  which I thought was decidedly, “Meh” as the Christmas episodes have been since the Titanic episode.

So even though I’m being a bit negative, I have a short memory and got really excited with the new trailer and completely forgot how disappointing I’ve generally found the show recently.  Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t stopped me pouring over each episode and online prologues like a geeky little fan boy (which I am actually, so there’s no “like” about it).

Like the trailer for series six, this new one is  a fast paced high action packed one minute of fun with a few quirky quirky one liners thrown in.  And a possible return of the Daleks.  The Doctor mentions that he’d rather face a Dalek any day of the week and we see what looks like a Dalek stalk sticking out of the sand parodying Star Wars.  I’m not sure about you, but unless it’s a story akin to the Christopher Eccleston Dalek and the story which was a soul searching philosophical tale, I’m not going to get excited about it.  I haven’t been that excited about a Dalek story since Doomsday at the end of series two.

As far as I can tell it’s just a trailer for the first episode.  A sci-fi western with a few snippets of other episodes thrown in, but let’s hope it doesn’t take itself too seriously this series.  Moffat has also said that there will be no two parters this series and hopefully  a break from the whole Silence stuff for a bit.  In this series we’ll say goodbye to Amy and Rory and say hello to Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new assistant, well known  for playing someone on Emmerdale.  I shall reserve judgement till I see her.  I thought Billie Piper was a bad choice, but got over that hurdle in the first few minutes of Rose.

Oh and they’re splitting the series into two parts again.  This time it will be split over 2012 and 2013.  Isn’t that just making this year’s and next year’s series shorter?  Also as much as we’ve got to wait till after the Olympics.  It’s a good job we’re so loyal.

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1 Response to Doctor Who and the Season 7 trailer

  1. mraemiller says:

    The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe which I thought was decidedly, “Meh”

    Doctor Who scripts have always wandered a line between homage and plagerism but the Christmas special was just pants. I did like the one before though and the end of the last series but I couldn’t believe the Emporer’sNewClothesness of the reviews of the Christmas special. Still you cant argue with the box office. Particularly enjoyed it when the plane “landed” in what was obviously a completely separate location to the house – a level of production values that hasn’t been seen since the infamous 3 Dalek battle in Day of the Daleks. Yes, 18 months between end of the last series and start of new one also split in two… they’re basically doing 6 episodes every 9 months… or to the mathematically savvy an episode cut. The kind of BBC management duplicity that is almost enough to make one feel sorry for the late John Nathan-Turner.

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