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All roads lead to Douglas Adams

While working on my green screen animation project I looked towards other films that use green screen and special effects.  I also looked towards things that inspired me in my project that revolves around books.  On The Matrix DVD there … Continue reading

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Doctor Who and the Season 7 trailer

Well I haven’t had much to report Doctor Who-wise for a while, but that’s mainly because I’m getting on with an Animation MA and currently attempting to write a more in depth Doctor Who book.  Also there haven’t been any … Continue reading

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Mike Belgrave and the “Rough Animatic”

The other day for my main project, I showed my completed storyboard with recorded dialogue put together in Premier.  This is the project previously called Sausages and now called Cuz.  I asked my tutor Pia what a storyboard with recorded … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Fringe 2012 brochure photos

Here are some of the photos I’ve resized for the Edinburgh fringe brochure 2012.  And for some excellent advice about producing your brochure photo and blurb red this   

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It’s all coming together

I had two great revelations today regarding my major project.  First of all as I was doing my storyboards I found myself incredibly happy with the style of storyboards.  So much so in fact all I need to do is … Continue reading

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Welsh Lady Ass Fudge 2012

Every now and then, comes along something so puerile and childish that it takes the world by storm.  Fellow comic Sion James took a photo of this in his local Tescos and within fourteen hours it it had 86 shares and hundreds … Continue reading

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Green screen project part 1

I have recently been writing mainly about my main project and various techniques I have discovered and want to share.  It looks like I haven’t been doing anything with my green screen project for JFPP09C Project 1: 2D Production, the … Continue reading

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Off the wall

Today we had a talk about the Aldgate project that we were doing last year.  I wasn’t sure if this was continuing, but it is.  Even if it’s not part of the syllabus any more, it’s continuing.  Just in an … Continue reading

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Techniques, techniques

Still in a dilemma about what style to do for my final project, but I think I’ve almost got it sorted.  What I’ve decided to do for my main project to draw all the animations myself.  Something that struck me in particular … Continue reading

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Batman South Park Style – The Dark Knight trilogy in 97 seconds

Finally finished it as part of a project for my MA. The Dark Knight Rises – South Park style

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