Doctor Who S06E10 The God Complex

So just a few more episodes to go before the amazing finale and again we have another stand alone episode.  That’s three in a row.  I do hope it doesn’t mean this whole Silence malarkey is going to drag out into a third series.  For those of you not paying attention The Silence were mentioned quite a few times in series 5 and their empty spaceship was seen at the end of the quite brilliant The Lodger.

I have to say I did enjoy The God Complex up to a point, but I’m personally in the mood for another fun romp.  Where’s the Blinks and Human Nature  stuff?  This is all starting to get a bit too Saphire and Steel for my liking.  Not that that’s normally a bad thing, but it can start to make the episodes get a bit samey and ploddy.  Because in this episode we are yet again presented with an automated system that’s gone wrong.  For goodness sake that happened last week.  Anyone else spot the glaring similarities?  And to have an alien based on the Nimon was stretching the memory of even the most dedicated fan.  I can barely remember Horns of Nimon from when I watched it as a kid and when I did eventually get around to watching it again 20 years ago I remember pissing myself laughing at it because it was so hammy.  I can’t remember if it was Horns of Nimon or an episode of Blakes 7 where the extras kept looking backwards and forwards at people talking, to the effect it made them look like they were watching a tennis match.  Out of interest I checked out a clip on YouTube and saw some of the most hilarious acting from Graham Crowden.  Maybe that’s what the problem with this episode was, no camp.  I mean for god’s sake David Walliams was in it and even he didn’t camp it up.  Although he was excellent in the role of Gibbis and managed to still get some comedy out of his lines.  Like James Corden he’s a fine actor and if you haven’t checked it out already see him in the fantastic Frankie Howerd biopic Rather You Than Me.

It’s strange, I feel since Let’s Kill Hitler I haven’t been that excited about each episode I’ve watched since.  In fact, I got more excited about the prospect of looking on Amazon to see how much a copy of The Horns of Nimon would set me back and found it was part of a box set for £21 and you couldn’t get it any other way.  Being a bit of a skinflint and broke, I decided against it and will watch the back log of DVDs I got for cheap on eBay and the rest of Torchwood Miracle Day.

And another thing, I don’t know about you, but I get tired of this “feeling sorry for the monster crap”.  He’s spent an eternity eating people.  If I was a character in The God Complex and the monster was dying, I’d kick him in the balls and say, “That’s the last lunch you ever have motherfucker. ”

Next week – Last Orders with James Corden.  At bloody last.  It better be good.

7 out of 10

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One Response to Doctor Who S06E10 The God Complex

  1. mraemiller says:

    Well, they’ve got to get you to spend your cash on those complete CSO stories like Underworld somehow … and how else would they flog Sylvester McCoy without Box sets… I got my brother the Revenge of the Cybermen which has Silver Nemesis glued to it as a form of taxation on fun and there’s a very funny extra on it about the black market in Doctor Who videos between domestic TV recorders coming in and the BBC releasing or repeating everything. Apparently when the first video (which was Revenge of the Cybermen) came out in the 80s it was £39.99 RRP. And during the black market recordings from Australia period people were selling off air recordings of old episodes to each other for up to £150?! Think yourself lucky young man…

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