Doctor Who S06E09 The Girl Who Waited or Attack of the Ineffectual Robots

The other day I met up with a gang of people I know as the Rhodes Rockers.  These are a gang of people I met when I did the Rhodes Rock Festival earlier this year.  I had a window in my schedule (dahling) between doing a kid’s comedy show in a children’s centre in Soho surrounded by various sex shops and a normal gig for adults later in Bar Rumba.  But that was still 3 hours away so I got the tube to Earl’s Court where I met them all dressed in hippie outfits.  Practically the minute I walked through the door they wanted to make sure I knew there was a Tardis outside the train station, which of course not only did I know about but have had my photo taken in front of on numerous occasions.  They’re always up for a laugh the Rhodes Rock lot, which is why it came as no surprise to find us all in an authentic karaoke bar in the basement of a Turkish restaurant.  It had these little private booths of varying sizes with benches and screen, which I’m sure couples rent out and have sex in.  In fact, that’s probably what they’re actually for, so it would have been weird for a bunch of people dressed in hippie gear to turn up and sing some songs.  But while I was there I had a bit of an odd out of body Doctor Who epiphany.  While I was singing along to Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd I was suddenly made aware that some of the lyrics could have been about The Silence.  The fact they’re always around and we forget them the minute we turn away, but there is some residual trace in our brain of their existence.  So it would make sense for them to turn up in literature, art, myths, legends and music.  So why wouldn’t John Waters and Dave Gilmour be affected when they wrote Comfortably Numb for the The Wall?

It was just a thought.  Anyway, what can I say about the latest episode The Girl Who Waited?  To be honest I thought on the whole it was brilliant.  There were so many fantastic ideas, it was stylish, it was well written, the makeup was great and the performances were all amazing.  Particularly Karen Gillan as the older bitter Amy.  And Rory was right, she did still look great.  The flirting was lovely and her description of why in particular she loved Rory was beautiful.  Now, usually when someone is that complimentary so early on, there is usually a “but”.  And here’s my massive “but”.  What on earth was going on with those robots?  Come on, they were hardly dangerous.  They walked about half a mile and hour and when they touched you, you passed out for 30 seconds.  Ooh, scary.  Also, considering they’re made of metal they take a sword through the head pretty easily.  Something that niggled me through the whole story is, they’re not marauding maniacs programmed by The Master intent on destroying everything in their path like the Cybermen.  No, they’re just nurses to help you get better, so it was terribly irresponsible of Amy to trash them for 36 years.  That’s obviously some kind of public money and she’s gone Call of Duty Samurai on them when let’s be frank she could have hopped away on one leg faster than they could walk.  Oh and if she had lipstick for 36 years, it would have dried up by now.  “But” apart from those glaring errors it was a great story with amazing performances.  Made even more brilliant by the fact it only had the three of them in it.

Next week, a spooky hotel and David Wailiams plays an alien

7 out of 10

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I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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