Let’s Kill Hitler and the black Doctor Who

I’m finally catching up with Doctor Who.  By the time I got to see Let’s Kill Hitler I had three episodes to catch up with.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  I remember in 2007 when I saved myself for the whole of series 3 during the Edinburgh fringe but forgot it was 13 parts long so I had an excruciating wait for the last episode, which was originally a bit of a letdown but on reflection, rather excellent.

We were treated to a two minute prequel to Let’s Kill Hitler, which gave us little apart from letting us know the Doctor’s had trouble finding Melody since A Good Man Goes to war.  I’m not complaining.  I loved it.  It’s great to have anything Doctor Who, no matter how small when you’re waiting for the next story.

So let’s get down to facts.  Mels is a mixed race woman that changes into a white woman.  And how saucy is she?  “Very” I tells ya.  It’s obvious on second viewing that someone that sexy and sassy must be an early incarnation of River Song. And I tell you what; if they were fighting over me I wouldn’t be able to choose.  I’d have to toss a coin.  Yes I did say coin.  What I’m trying to say is if she can change colour then we can have a black Doctor Who.  Or as my daft friend Nik Coppin once said about the subject, Doctor Whoyoulookingat?  Maybe she can only change a few shades, which is why she’s mixed race.  What I’m trying to say is there’s still hope for me to play the part of the Doctor.  I think I’d base him on my hero Rudy Ray Moore the 70s Blaxploitation star, who played a pimp in his first movie Dolemite and pimp in his second movie The Human Tornado..

Now when River gives all of her regenerations to the Doctor, this explains why she couldn’t regenerate in Silence in the Library.  Plus we appear to be meeting her from another time stream because they’re supposed to be meeting in reverse order.  This can’t be the case because he’s already met her as a baby and he’s obviously going to meet River Song from the backwards time-stream he knows her in, but there seems to be enough cause to have her jump in from different periods of time to interject into the backwards/forwards time stream he’s currently meeting her in.  Look, I know that all sounds like bollocks, but I know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a diagram.

Hope that makes it all much clearer.

Now as stories goes this was great fun, but I think as much as the old “pull back reveal” is entertaining it’s now getting a little tired.  Why can’t we just get on with having a great stand alone story?  Also how many episodes are we going to be subjected to with characters almost dying?  Everyone’s turning into Kenny from South Park, not just Rory.  As much as I enjoyed this I was hoping we’d get something more akin to the title.  Let’s Kill Hitler.  I was expecting them to save his life accident then genuinely have to kill him.  Not because he was murdering scum, but because it would upset the balance of time and have the Nazis in power in the future.  Perhaps that’s a bit complicated and would make a good movie and perhaps isn’t the subject for a family show, even though I regularly get a semi every time River picks up a gun.

So, does Amy ever get her baby back?  Because Mel says that at least they got a chance to look after her while she was a girl and a teenager.

It was a nice touch to see that it was the Doctor that gives River the diary.

And it looks like it’s confirmed that River Kills the Doctor in Utah.  However if she’s supposed to do it as a kid, how come Mels still wants to kill him as she mentions when she regenerated she came back as a kid.  And if she killed him as a kid, why do the minturised people in the robot only recognise her when she regenerates from Mel to River?

And can we have some more Mels please?  She the best character since, well… River Song.

Next week, more scary kids.

7 out of 10

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I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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4 Responses to Let’s Kill Hitler and the black Doctor Who

  1. Brian Gallagher says:

    The plot was very different to what I expected. I had thought it might involve the people who kidnapped the Pond sprog using her to kill Hitler. ie. they would eliminate villains changing history whilst doing it – this being their grievance with the Doctor in that he does not do that. That would be an interesting motivation for their enmity with the Doctor.

    Of course it was totally different which is no bad thing. Not predictable – at least by me.

  2. mraemiller says:

    “So, does Amy ever get her baby back? Because Mel says that at least they got a chance to look after her while she was a girl and a teenager.”

    That’s because the black River Pond was living next door and going to school with Amy when she was a little girl… who we’re now supposed to accept as a charecter who’d been there all along despite not being featured in the previous couple of years episodes. Keep up, Belgrave.

    I have to say the lack of strain on Amy and Rory’s relationship given that their baby has been abducted by aliens during the important-for-bonding first hour after birth is remarkable but I guess we have to accept that this is fantasy and it’s probably a “wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey” thing.

    “how come Mels still wants to kill him as she mentions when she regenerated she came back as a kid. And if she killed him as a kid, why do the minturised people in the robot only recognise her when she regenerates from Mel to River?”

    I’m not sure I was entirely able to follow the plot of episode 1 as it was cut to ribbons to the point of almost being impossible to follow but I think they put the baby in the spacesuit first but it escaped somehow when Amy shot at it or something..

    Still at least Amy’s stopped snogging the Doctor every 5 minutes and her acting range has got a little broader than donning skimpy clothes and shouting “Doktor” in a thick scottish accent which doesn’t quite fit with that viliage she grew up in but then I got the impression that whole viliage thing was some kind of illusion/unreality/duplicate reality too to do with the Tardis exploding and her losing all her relatives for the whole of series 1 before they reappeared in the last episode. I think a similar sort of woolly explanation is supposed to explain away how we never met the black River Pond for so long…

    Does that make it any clearer?

  3. mraemiller says:

    I cant spell village

  4. I agree with all doctors brothers….

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