Back from the Edinburgh Fringe and gigging with Tom Price

Ok, so I’ve been at the Edinburgh fringe festival for a whole month and boy did I have a good time.  I spent most of the month performing at least three shows a day.  One of them was a show called Huggers, which was a family friendly show with lots of different acts.  At one of the shows there was this incredibly cool kid who was a massive Doctor Who fan.  He must have been about 9 years old and his parents allowed him to dress like Matt Smith’s Doctor.  He even had the bow toe and braces. Best of all, he had long hair and the whole ensemble made him the coolest kid on the block.  I suppose that’s the great thing about the recent new series of doctor Who.  You can get away with looking like your hero.  If I walked around Shepherds Bush like Colin Baker’s Doctor in the eighties, I would have got a right royal kicking.  I’m sure there is the odd bell end out there that would love to give this kid a what for, but the ladies are far more likely to go for a kid like this when he’s older than some brain dead inbred worthless chav wearing a Burberry baseball cap with their trousers halfway down their arse.  Unless it’s his sister of course.

Now while I was at the festival, I couldn’t watch or do anything vaguely Doctor Who, but then I was so busy it didn’t really matter.  Although I did get to plug my book every day, which is really a collection of these blog entries made into a free downloadable eBook.  I had to rush it out in time for the festival and now I look at it, I notice that what you read on a blog and what you read in a book are two completely different things.  There’s a certain blog/computer way of writing that doesn’t translate to the printed (or electronic in my case) page.  However it’s free and people know its blog entries and I’ve had quite a lot of downloads.  No one’s complained yet and it even got a plug on the Flashing Blade Podcast issue 204.

Although apart from a very cool 9 year old, the fringe wasn’t completely Wholess.  I did get a chance to gig with the brilliant Tom Price (PC Andy from Torchwood) who I’ve gigged with on and off for many years.  I was pleased to see that he’s still funny, if not a lot funnier than when I last gigged with him and he did so well at the end of the gig people were actually asking for a flyer for his show.  Normally people scowl at you for trying to flyer them after they’ve just enjoyed a “free show” but not in this case.  He’s also a really lovely guy and a gentleman.  Christ I’m coming over all Stephen Fry with luvviness.

The 7th episode of the new series Let’s Kill Hitler happened just as I was finishing Edinburgh, so I didn’t get to see that.  Then straight after I had to go on my honeymoon, which also meant no Doctor Who for another week.  I say had to, I mean I really had a lovely time apart from missing our check in time by two minutes which meant buying extortionately priced replacement tickets, being ripped off by a psycho cab driver who insisted that seatbelts weren’t necessary and finally staying in a hotel that had to keep its front door locked because the surrounding area was so frightening it made Peckham during the Riots like Teletubbyland.

Then the minute I got back on Friday I was in a car with Steve Jameson (Sol Bernstein) to do a gig in Salisbury.  The next day Saturday I was busy in the day and had a gig in the evening that started off really well but then turned into Bedlam.  If you want to know how bad it was, someone got ejected for getting his cock out while Hal Cruttenden was on.  Also some bloke dared me to drink from his bottle of wine.  As I said on twitter and facebook, “I finished the fucker off”.  This prompted many a wise ass to reply, “the bottle or the bloke?”.  I even had Doug Segal twitter me the link to Kunt and the Gang’s I Sucked of a Bloke video on YouTube.

Come to think about it, I hope that bloke washed his hands before handing me the bottle.  I found out a few days later other comedians played room similar to Arkham Asylum and one pointed out it was full moon.  Go figure.

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I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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