Edinburgh Fringe blog Sun 28th Aug

It’s the last day of the fringe. It’s weird, I don’t feel particularly sad about that. Maybe it’s because I’ve had such a good run. I’m now bumping into other acts that look like zombies who admit they’ve spent most nights drinking till the early hours. Some of them are moaning about getting bad review. Well don’t stay out drinking till late you daft bastards. It gets on my nerves. That just wastes reviewers time and bastards like me who don’t get pissed and take it seriously who don’t get a look in.

Leaving the flat was hard. Craig’s lovely girls wanted me to make balloons, show them the ukulele and generally wanted to play. I eventually had them holding onto my arm trying to stop me from leaving. However I was late for watching Those Bloody Teenagers which was a lovely stand up show that’s finishing for good due to the funding being cut. These are great kids. It’s a shame as it’s an amazing experience to come up and do this. I’ll see if Alex can see if there’s a possibility of doing an Edinburgh version.

Huggers was brilliant. However we almost didn’t have the ending due to me making balloons for Craig’s kids as I left the pump at home. I ran down the street to see if I could find one of those people that make balloon animals on the royal mile. Someone had their stall but they weren’t there. They must have been having a coffee or something. I was tempted to go in the bag and borrow the pump but I could see myself getting arrested. So I ran back in to do the next link then ran out again and the bastard wasn’t there so I ran further up the royal mile and found a lovely guy who couldn’t speak English well but he totally could understand I was in a pickle. He blew up 6 balloons for me and I ran back to the gig out of breath and sweating. It was like being in a kids version of 24. Paul Revill was great, the banter between me and Nik and me improvising songs has never been better. Dan Wright just got better and better at Huggers and got loads of mileage out of kids telling him Big Cook Little Cook was rubbish.

The balloon bit was hilarious. One kid put the balloon around my mouth to stop me singing. And one girl just grabbed it from me and gave it to her dad to carry on hitting me. It was a brilliant way to end the show and we signed posters and flyers for all the children.

As it was raining I did little fliering for my show and I bought a Scotland on Sunday and Huggers got another lovely mention. Also I knew I wouldn’t have to flier my show because a queue of people formed and I knew quite a few of them weren’t there to see any old show as some of them pointed at me and smiled. I asked them how they heard about it and it was the usual some had seen me last year, some were recommended and again some saw me crack my head open.

Well I have to say, what a gorgeous audience. It was a perfect way to finish and my little speech at the start got rid of a few prudes and people there to only watch half the show. I also made sure to make up a few copies of the CD to give away and they all got snapped up by very eager people who were desperate to hear more. I’ve told them all to keep in contact. I’m slowly spreading the word.

I then did the pick of the fringe which was great fun. It was nice that me and a few of the other acts were just there because we wanted to be and not because we were there to plug a show. Matt Price pointed out how chipper quite a few of us were. Halfway through the show Sophia turned up with a present. Junior bagpipes. A few of us went into the corridor as I tried them out. Alex ordered me to play them on stage. I did and brought the house down by making an awful racket then saying, “I feel like I’ve just sucked off an octopus”. So Alex said next year we need to have Mike Belgrave’s Bagpipe Cabaret and Matt Price said I should use the pool cue up the urethra quote on the poster.

Straight after the show Sophia and I went to see Ed Aczel. My god how great is he. Just a superb hour of anti comedy as it should be. He got me embroiled in a whole bit about Jaws 3. At the end I had a quick chat with him and thanked him for the tickets. He said he would be in the car later that night to drive home and he seemed happy about that. Top fella.

I popped in to the Espionage to have a quick word with Alex and then he asked me to go on and open the 8.30 Pick of the Fringe. It was a shame I didn’t have a show to plug as I did such a great set and I was a bit pissed too. Some guy said to me I was the best comedian he’d seen at the fringe. I have to admit I had trouble getting my head out of the door.

It was then a quick trip up the road to do Ukulele Cabaret which was lovely fun. Then we popped to the City Cafe to have a cup of tea and a use of the wifi then it was down to the Three Sisters for my sixth and final show of the day. Shaggers. My throat was quite hoarse and the audience were lovely. I got through my set, watched Imran Yusuf and then me and Sophia got a cab home. We had a glass of wine each and heated up the curry we bought the other day and headed to bed.

Just the packing away of stuff tomorrow.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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