Edinburgh Fringe blog Sat 27th Aug Fosters Comedy Awards

So only two more days to go. I wasn’t doing Huggers as I was going to the Fosters comedy awards. Sophia was quite keen to go, so I got us tickets. Omid made a very funny point about perrier giving out water at a late night award and fosters giving out booze for an afternoon awards seemed to be lost on he crowd of people. Speaking of which I barely recognised anyone there. It was 99% industry and about 12 comedians. Some of which know me very well but chose to deliberately ignore me even when the cunts were practically right in my face. One of which isn’t even a full time comic so if you’re talking about pecking order I shit on them from a great height. Steve Bennett came over and said hi as he always makes time for me. So no excuse for that behaviour you vacuous shit stains. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Apart from that, the awards were as award ceremonies are, unless it’s the Malcolm Hardee awards with a ton of bitchiness and libelous comments. However It was properly laid out, gorgeous venue, loads of food, loads of booze, waiters handing it out, cloakroom, tea, coffee and cake after the ceremony. The organisers thought of ever little detail. However having in the day time does make it a little tame and also watching nobodies draining the bar dry of beer at 1pm is quite a sad sight. To me these awards are more about the industry than the comedians. Which is a shame because it’s the comedians who write and finance the shows. Fair play to all the comedians who got nominated and won. I’m particularly happy that a good joke teller like Chris Ramsey got a nomination and a Free Fringe show got one too.

I popped over to the end of Huggers to see Henning and Nik having a coffee. I gave them both a bottle of Fosters water which they were incredibly unimpressed with.

Solo show was amazing. This guy who i’ve chatted with. On Facebook that took these amazing photos of The Cramps came along. Possibly the best show yet? I think so. I’ve been rammed before (ooh err) but this show had people sitting on the floor. Most of them were recommendations, had seen me before AND a few who wanted to watch the show again. Oh I also had a few whk saw me crack me head open. Just the most amazing crowd. Pick of the Fringe was also rammed and about 15 people came from my show to watch me compere.

I then went to Paul B Edwards last minute comedy and got drenched in the rain. I did a set there as he was doing his last show and wanted to do a best of. That was packed and brilliant fun. Then we went to see Tales of Cabaret at the Fingers Piano bar. I used to see these guys most days outside the City Cafe last year then one day we did the Ukukele Cabaret together. They were amazing so I was pleased to see they were doing a full length show. And it was fantastic and very weird. Shame about the brain dead women at the front who didn’t have a clue as to what was going on and kept giggling and could have just left. I think they were quite shocked at the massive round of applause and cheers they got at the end of the show so fuck them.

We got a cab to out favourite Nepalese restaurant and ordered too much food so we got them to doggy bag it for us. It took us quite a while to find a cab, but we eventually managed to get home. A very eventful and lovely day.

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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