Edinburgh Fringe blog Weds 24th Aug

I can honestly say I’m still enjoying it. It’s been very productive and i managed to get the Huggers review off the iFringe website. So now I’m just some bellend wandering around the royal mile with a pool cue. I made myself breakfast of pasta and tuna and headed into town. Those Bloody Teenagers had a good crowd in. Their hot teacher said they always get a good crowd in and they barely have to flier. Only had about 15 in for Huggers but it was brilliant fun. A family from yesterday came back and the kids wanted to beat me up with balloons again. Paul Revill was great again and taught me and Nik the banana dance. Kate Suthwaite dropped the F bomb, which made me and Nik laugh our tits off. Oliver Meech was fab too. One of the kids accidentally punched me in the face while we were doing the violent balloon ending. So a normal fringe afternoon.

Solo show was full and awesome. I can’t believe I’ve finally got it sorted so late in the day but then that’s what I’m using edinburgh for. I’m not here for the reviews because yet again no cunts turned up to watch me. Yes the show was amazing if I say so myself. Shame some stupid girls had to spoil it by whispering and playing on their mobile phones although I put a stop to that eventually.

Pick of the fringe was weird. The audience were quiet and there were sone blokes at the back who had ants in their pants. They couldn’t keep still for the whole show and kept coming on and out and then they left nothing in the bucket.

I popped out to watch a bit of Bob Slayer’s show and whike he was on stage with his trousers down, a black woman with a rubber washing up glove was tying to shove a finger up his arse. Bob asked me if I’d like to go on stage and sing a song, I declined. While walking down the street twittering I bumped into some lovely Rhides Rockers. Simon, Jack and Helen. Let’s face it, they’re all lovely. Well apart from a couple of bell ends but that’s not bad out of 1400.

I made my way to see Kooky Babooshka which finished four days ago. So we made our way to watch Ukulele Cabaret which was great fun. The we headed to the Mosque Kitchen for a bite to est who saw all my change and asked if they could change it into notes for me. It’s the end of the festival. All the change is in the pocketsof the free performers. Then we walked ten minutes to the bus stop only to discover it stopped right outside the Mosque Kitchen. Doh!

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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