Edinburgh Fringe blog Fri 26th Aug Malcolm Hardee Awards

What a day. Got up and went into town and grabbed my free pie, drink and donut from Piemaker for getting 20 stamps on my loyalty card. I don’t think this happens much. When I handed it in she looked at it like it was foreign currency. I did loads of Fliering and that lazy arse Coppin turned up half an hour before the show was about to start. The gig was brilliant fun. Only one small child in and he rest were in their early teens. But they loved it. Especially when I attempted to sing their favourite Justin Beiber songs and deliberately made something else up. Jez or Planet Zim as he likes to be called did great. And he got them all singing along to Puff the Magic Dragon. And Dan Wright was great and did an extended set to help us out.

I went on to do the solo show and had quite a few people in I knew. My old Flatmate steve with his new wife, Amelia who is a friend I know from the ukulele cabaret in London and half of Those Bloody Teenagers from the show before me. I also had a few people that saw me crack my head from the night before at the ukulele cabaret. And what I have loved about doing this show is the occasional person that has a little chat with me after the show about outsider music. This guy came up to me and said he’d read the Songs in the Key of Z book and has the double CD. I didn’t mention it in the show, he just knew I’d understand what he was talking about. So he claimed the CD. Lovely.

Pick of the Fringe was lovely. My favourite act of the night was the Japanese comedian called Hiroshi Shimizu. He was completely mental and what the fringe is about. The audience weren’t 100% sure how to take him, but he went down really well

Then Alex bought me pie, mash and beans for all the good work I did over the month. My second free pie of the day. Don’t fuck with the Belgrave.

I made my way to the Counting House to give a hand at the Malcolm Hardee awards and even though I said I didn’t want to be an usher, I ended up being an usher. John Flemming paid me with a pint. I’m on fire with the free stuff. The show was brilliant fun. So many libelous things were said through the evening and Scott Capuro was bitchy beyond belief, it was awesome. The highlight for me was Richard Swan and Johnny Sorrow. Richard stood still throughout the performance and occasionally Johnny Sorrow would come out and do bizarre things like appear in a dressing gown shaking jingle bells. I wish I had time to see the whole show.

Then later after the show Pam Ford noticed there was a queue for a show. I said for a laugh let’s do it and the next thing I hear is Alex shouting out, “five minute call for an impromptu comedy show starring mike Belgrave, Pam Ford and Frank Sinazi. Most of the audience were pissed and so were the acts apart From Frank. The show was a great laugh, I encouraged them to heckle and Pam insisted they leave a donation and that was exactly my share of the taxi on the way home. Happy Days.

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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