Edinburgh Fringe blog Tues 23rd Aug

I felt so refreshed after my weekend away. I’d recommend getting out of the city on your day off. All the shows had a new lease of life. The pulling of the Huggers review from the Three Weeks website and the lovely Scotsman article seems to have made an instant difference to our audience numbers. We had a really good sized crowd in today. Horrah. We’ve also got the format pretty much sorted. We now end with loads of kids on the stage hitting me with balloons while I sing tiptoe through the tulips. Rather Than telling them they can hit me if they don’t like the song I tell them to try and make me stop playing. We also got a complete apology from Three Weeks for the review and admitted it shouldn’t have gone past the editors and their reviewer wrote and behaved at the show in an unprofessional way. So this is my tip for you, if you do think your review is unfair then let the publication know.

The solo show went amazingly. I thought I was going to play to my smallest audience but the big group of lovely guys at the bar were there to see me and filled out the room just before I started. Really excellent show.

Pick of the Fringe was a little quiet but fun. All the acts were superb as usual. Top marks to Kate Lucas in particular. Now Amelya And Sophia were with me so we grabbed some mediocre but cheap food at the Tron and met up with Dave and Lucy. The five of us went to the Hive to watch Phil Kay again. And again he was brilliant. Then we went to the Counting House to watch Eastend Cabaret. I have to confess that I’ve seen them do shorts sets and fell in love with their act, so I was half sold on them before I arrived. I wasn’t disappointed. From the second they walked on the stage right to he final note they were talented, hilarious and entertaining. All the reference to sex should get tiring, but they do it so well. You never quite know which one to look at on stage. Their original songs and reworking of classics just blows you away. I really must go again and so must you. The best show I’ve seen so far and everything I’ve seen so far has been awesome.

Had some drinks with the gang after then we walked Amelya to her hostel and Sophia and I got a cab. Sent a message to John Flemming to saying I wouldn’t be spaghetti juggling tomorrow and it would mean I’d miss pick of the fringe. I need the money for pies and cab fares.

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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2 Responses to Edinburgh Fringe blog Tues 23rd Aug

  1. John Mullock says:

    hey there! My name is john and i was one of theguys who came to to see your show that day in the bar to double your numbers. you were great and i was relieved to find out that i wasnt the only person in the history of sexually frustrated teenagers to abuse the power of free porn on my paper round! thanks for a great show you were a great laugh!
    Hope all goes well with you in the future and will keep an eye out for you and your work!
    Once again, many thanks and good luck!
    John Mullock

    P.S Carol Vorderman would still defo get it but her replacement would take priority.

    • mikebelgrave says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for leaving the kind comment. You guys were a lovely audience and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stag do. I’m glad you were there as I did say on my publicly stags, hens and birthday parties were welcome to the show.


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