Edinburgh Fringe blog Fri 19th Aug

Colslaw and tuna for breakfast. Yum yum. Left early as I had to get rid of my coins in the bank. Natwest in Edinburgh has a machine where you can pour all your Free Festival pennies into and they appear in your account a few days later.

I popped into the City Cafe and hoped my phone charger was there or it would be another £30 for another one. And you know what a cheap skate I am. But it was still there. I went out flyering for two hours and we got 9 people in. 5 were from internet bookings. I’m starting to think that bad review has affected the show. Three Weeks still hasn’t got back to us about our complaint. Bastards.

Speaking of Bastards, A certain prick who shall remain nameless is a cunt when you’re trying to flyer. He gets in your way, bullies audiences into his show and was trying to steal audience away from people obviously going to other shows. When I see people with their flyers I point them in the right direction. Very unpleasant behaviour. What a bellend.

My show was OK but there was a 14 year old kid in. I said to them it really wasn’t for kids and the dad said it was OK. However it made the audience a little uncomfortable so the show wasn’t as good as it could have been. I won’t allow that to happen again.

Pick of the Fringe was a mixed back . Started off great with Nathan Caton, then when he finished two old ladies at the front got up to leave and I said they’re off to fuck Nathan. As the light s were in my eyes I couldn’t make them out properly so was wondering why the audience were laughing so hard and then the penny dropped. Joe Rowntree was brilliant as always. Bob Slayer was hit and miss but he redeemed himself at he end by stealing someone’s drink. About ten walked out when Jem went on. Liam Mullone arrived to close and he said, “who’s on?” That was when the ten were leaving I said, “Jem, can’t you tell?”. Liam saved the day and had some of the crowd to see him in his show that followed 15 minutes later.

I went for drinks that Beehive Then went to my friend Lucy’s birthday meal in a room so hot it felt like being back in Rhodes. It was great food if a little expensive, but at least you could bring your own booze. Later we tried to have drinks at the Underbelly but the fire alarm went off. So we went to Espionage and while we were all talking Damien Kingsly came running in with a panicked look in his eye that I knew only too well. He needed a headliner, so I stepped in and my god what a lovely gig that was. Brilliant audience. I have no idea what Ben Vander Velt did as MC but they were perfectly warmed up. They wen insisted in giving me some money when I said I’d be happy with a drink. That money covered the meal earlier. This has so far been my best fringe. Big Smiley faced Belgrave. Got a cab home.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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