Edinburgh Fringe blog Weds 17th Aug

Breakfast was weird. German sausage, coleslaw and garlic bread. I put the TV on and watched This Morning. I have no idea why. My brain hurts when I watch daytime TV. Maybe it’s just too early to switch on to drivel. They had his really thick woman on that had ten kids from six different fathers who they brought on just to make everyone watching hate her. She couldn’t answer any question straight because she had IQ of a small shit stain and seemed incapable of stopping herself saying, “at the end of the day” every 30 seconds. Then it was followed by a fashion section on how to dress like an Essex wanker. I doubt I’ll be watching that again unless I get hit on he head very hard.

When I got to the City Cafe and I had a brainwave. I got the pool cue Ashley bought us for a laugh and in support of the bad review and I attached my Free hugs sign to it with posters on the back and I walked about the Royal Mile with it. I gave out more hugs than flyers. I also decided to have the photo taken with as many performers as possible. So if you see me on the Royal Mile holding the Huggers pool cue do have your photo taken. #poolcuegate

Today’s Huggers was weird. Not a bad number in, but just as we started about 15 adults walked in and I mentioned a few times it was a family friendly show and did my little jingle. But they stayed. The didn’t laugh at much but they stayed. It was a great show, but again it was all a little flat. Lenny Peters played to his son, Paul B Edwards was fab as always and Oliver Meech was also great.

At the end we found out they were from some project that teaches people how to do stuff in the media. It’s all very nice but they could
1. Turn up on time
2. Tell us they’re coming
3. Enjoy the show

Down and Out had a quiet but lovely crowd so I really slowed it down and they really enjoyed it. I got great laughs as I spaced them out a bit more. And I got a big round of applause at the end.

I had a very funny bitchy chat with Matt Price and then we did pick of the fringe and one of the acts failed to show but that didn’t matter. It was a much livelier crowd and I think they enjoyed the more laid back approach. It also meant Marcel Lucont could really take his time and get the laughs. And that was my day done. I had lunch with Richard Rycroft and Jem. I had the Big Ben burger that has an egg and onion rings in it.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and sat up twittering and facebooking my feeble attempts to try and grab a Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt nomination. Pool cues crossed.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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