Edinburgh Fringe blog Thurs 18th Aug

Hey. Up early, pasta and meatballs for breakfast and a bit of Jeremy Kyle. As bad as it was at least it wasn’t as shameless as This Morning was yesterday.

I decided that this was the day I was going to watch some shows and what better trio of shows to go and see than Bob Slayer, Phil Kay and Kunt and the Gang. Then off to do a spot at Shaggers. Time to hang out and enjoy the festival.

I was out fliering and my favorite busker was on the Royal Mile that always hugs me when I have my Huggers and he said to me, “I had to move. A junkie told me I couldn’t sing.”. It was a miracle I didn’t laugh. I told Coppin and he said, “that’s bad man. One star from Junkie Weekly”.

Huggers only had about 20 in. Some of them had been before so that was cool. A family with older kids weren’t so keen and left halfway through. The sweet autistic boy who got so excited with my show last year he had to jump up on the stage to tell everyone how much he enjoyed the show invaded the stage again while the Silky Pair were on. They were doing a sketch about scratching and he wanted to scratch their itch and who can blame him? Have you seen them?

I ran off to flier for Down and Out and had a lovely show. I knew six people in the audience so I was glad they were there.

Then I did Laughing Horse pick of the fringe and BBC news was in to film the opening section and to film Alex. 3 seconds of fame?

I then ran off to The Hive with Keith from the teenage goth gang from 2007. We seem to have an annual pilgrimage to see Kunt and the Gang.

For our pleasure we had 3 fantastic shows to watch here’s my reviews.

Bob Slayer
Fumbled about he stage. Kept stealing an audience members drinks. Some people were about to leave, because they said they were at he wrong show, they were waiting for sone quiz show. He said they were at the right show. Then he got various audience members to throw darts at him. Show was over. Like certain members of the audience I’m going to go again becauseI feel that each night is it’s own happening.


Phil Kay

Songs about the riots. Picking up poo and was so amazing I had no idea he did 45 minutes. He improvised around the song s he wrote and didn’t pause for breath throughout the entire performance. A masterclass on how to do an Edinburgh fringe show.


Kunt and the Gang. Quite frankly amazing. Brilliant songs. Great dance routines and had the audience in the palm of his hand. The cockgate problem probably warmed everyone to him more than usual. I’ve seen him a few time’s now and I’ve long been a fan of his YouTube clips. I hate to get on my soap box, but there’s so much stuff at the fringe that claims to be high brow and it makes a change to have Kunt and the Gang, Shaggers, Tony Coward’s Festival of Football and Huggers come into their own. Plus the songs are really well written. If they weren’t the show would be dull as opposed to one of the best shows I’ve ever seen on the fringe.

Here’s a few rumours I’ve heard about Cockgate.

A certain agency was trying to sue for a large amount purely because they thought they could make money out of Tommy Sheppard because they know he’ll foot the bill.

An act with her tits half out on her poster said she felt violated.

An act physically threatened Kunt. He’s now banned from Pear Shaped.

The act that’s made the biggest complaint is currently the laughing stock of many comedians due to everyone knowing he had a sense of humour bypass since he was two.

A certain act got hold of some of the stickers and posted them all over his posters to attract more attention to his show.

After the show we all gathered to do a photo shoot to support Kunt and the Gang. Kate Copstick and John Flemming were there. Frank Sanazi drew a swastika on his cock sticker.

I went on to do Shaggers And half the cast of Hitler the Musical were there. Me and Nik have been talking to them on the Royal Mile most days. The gig went well and so they now know we’re not just this pair of losers they see every day. Well we are, but we’re funny losers.

However My throat was in tatter so more or less straight after I got a cab home. Beddy Bungles.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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One Response to Edinburgh Fringe blog Thurs 18th Aug

  1. mraemiller says:

    “An act physically threatened Kunt. He’s now banned from Pear Shaped.”

    Erm … for the record I dont think anyone’s banned from Pear Shaped at the moment….?
    Although some people seem to be booked ……………extremely irregularly
    Actually I find most mentalists seem to “ban” themselves unaided as antisocial nutters
    are usually completely unable to cope with any figure of authority telling them they are being divs
    so chose instead to run their own promoting “empires” usually built on slave labour…
    where they can be divs as much as they like. It’s a perfect system.
    I did tell one professional act they couldn’t do it if they were going to do racial swearwords
    all over the place and they very politely agreed that perhaps it wasn’t the club for them
    (I dont care what they do at professional gigs but I’m not getting beaten up for a doorsplit)
    and I did tell someone that we could only give them an open once in a blue moon
    if they kept doing misogynist shit … still… you have to kind of respect people who stick
    to their guns even when they’re completely wrong.

    In fact I dont think I’ve actually officially banned anyone for ages since I issued
    someone with a 3 months temporary ban the other year for deciding it would “improve”
    the Fitzroy Tavern for both the upstairs and downstairs to be entirely saturated in gold glitter.
    A mistake too expensive in man hours to allow them to just repeat next week.
    This was partly practical as Brian was away and not there to smooth things over with the landlord and I really really really really couldn’t risk it happening away.
    Said act has now been successfully rehabilitated into the community under our dont-hug-anyone-but-talk-to-the-sternly policy.

    I got Knuts self-publicising spam but was too pissed off by rioters and real criminals to care either way and too busy doing the gigs no one else was here to do. The Fringe is so remote.

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