Edinburgh Fringe blog Tues 16th Aug

I’m sure one day I’m going to wake up late, but I seem to be capable or getting up in plenty of time to eat, shower, burn a CD and do the washing up. Today was rainy. I didn’t bother with the free hug board. I just got a cheap brolley that I knew I would lose by the end of the day. Giving flyers was tough. I managed to get rid of quite alot but there wasn’t a he’ll of a lot of people in. About 20. The show itself was great but the audience were just a bit damp. The rain can put a bit of a bummer on a show. The star of the show was a little kid called Lewis who just kept running around and getting on the stage. Kate Copstick popped down because she heard the Shaggers guy was doing a kids show. Nice to have Ashley Frieze on with a bit of music. Dan WrIght was perfect to have on and Andre King ended with a set for adults but still talked to the kids. I gave out loads of flower balloons which I should have done at the end because the kids kept fighting with them all through Andre’s set. Lewis hit some random bloke over the back of the head with his balloon which had me and Coppin rolling on the floor. I did a rendition of Tiptoes Through the Tulips with the kids hitting me with the balloons.

I had a coffee and a bagel with Coppin then I went to my show. Very quiet crowd. Nice but quiet. They kind of threw me a bit. And I accidentally did all my relationship, meeting women bit all in one chunk. Made me come over a touch Dark Side of the Poon. The music section went down better and the final bit got more laughs. But I did get a nice big cheer in the end and they were generous with the collection.

Pick of the Fringe was great but quiet in places. Matt Green was fab. About 10 left when Nick Sun went on. I think they found him a bit too nihilistic. Richard Ryctoft was great and they all didn’t get his final joke that really isn’t at all difficult to get. I had to go on and explain it to them. Ended nicely with Adam Crowe.

I then went to my fourth gig. Paul B Edward’s lovely gig and for some reason they were nothing like the other three gigs. They were a gorgeous audience. As I finished PauL brought up my ukulele and said you’re not finishing till you do that bit. So I did my Jimi Hendrix bit and brought the house down.

Walked in the rain to the Espionage to quickly meet Alex. Popped to the Supermarket. Waited 20 minutes for a bus. Grabbed a quick bite to each. Had a brief chat with Craig. Watched some Smallville. Rang the wife. Ate a sausage roll and had a glass of wine. Lovely.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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