Edinburgh Fringe blog Sat 13th Aug

Made up two CDs as I didn’t want a repeat of yesterdays life ebbing music at the Lizard Lounge. I wrote a Complaint to Three Weeks but won’t hold my breath waiting for a reply. Went out on the Royal Mile and fliered. Just as the show was about to start it started to rain so we targeted families and told them to get in the dry. Huggers was packed and brilliant. The audience were amazing. The kids at the start kept asking for hugs before the show started and I gave them all poufs to use as foot stools. Spandex Ballet opened with comedy songs and did a great one about Cluedo and the got the audience up on their feet to do some flamenco dancing. Then Matt Green blew the roof off with his story about a poo not flushing. Bob Slayer once again was amazing. He got two dads on stage and did his chicken and egg routine. Then of course Duncan Oakley was amazing. When isn’t he?

As Down and Out was already full from ticket holders I decided not to bother fliering. From memory it was that Saturday where everyone’s full. Not only was I full quite a lot of the crowd had either seen me before or came from recommendation. And they were the best crowd I’ve had yet. It was also so full I had to keep the door open so the people at the back wouldn’t be too crammed in. Some of the teenage goth gang were there. They were a bunch of guys that came to Lindsays over and over again in 2007. I then did Pick of the fringe. That was amazing too. Like my show it was heaving.

I ran off and did Pauk B Edward’s gig and that was also full. I realized at that point I gigged so much as I was messing up punchlines and was unsure as to what I had and hadn’t said.

I grabbed 2 pizzas, garlic bread, coleslaw and bottle of coke from Sainsburys. They’ve got this special offer on where you get it all for a fiver. Then I passed the chip shop over the road from me and went in for a marvelous fish supper that you can only get north of the border.

I was home and happy on a Saturday night as I can’t stand the army of idiots who walk up and down city centers chanting and smashing bottles. I have to put up with them most weekends, don’t see why I need to put myself through that if I’ve finished early.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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