Edinburgh Fringe blog Mon 15th Aug #edfringe #espfringe #freefestival

Woke up and made pasta meatballs for breakfast. Got to he City Cafe early to try and change the bulb in the spotlight but it still didn’t work. Fliering with my sign was fun as always. Lots of hugs from gorgeous twenty something drama students. Surprisingly a lot of them male. Then again it is the Edinburgh fringe.

Huggers was great fun again. Me and Nik are getting better at the duo compering. His drawings are going down a storm. Sean Brightman was wonderful and got some kids up doing rock paper. Andre King did a great straight stand upnset and Otto did some yodeling.

The my solo show was an absolute joy. Best audience yet. Totally packed. 8 or 9 happy to stand. There was some guy at the back that lamely tried to heckle so I slammed him down. Then he left. I actually felt a bit bad about it but he rest of the show went Swimmingly. Then an old pal with about 100 kids popped in to say hi. John Scott. I used to see him regularly when I did the fringe about 10 years ago. I met more of his kids and we talked about him being a grandad. There was a guy hanging around who said he was listening to Stinky Poodle which I used as my outro music that day. He said he’d seen the podcasts and he remember hearing the track on my Outsider and Strange Music video podcast, so I gave him the CD. A fan, hooray.

Alex told me that Kunt and the Gang were in trouble for handing out stickers of cocks which have appeared all over edinburgh. Apparently it’s been called Cockgate. The council, fringe venues, acts and people who had their sense of humour removed have come down hard on him. I think the council should be happy. There’s riots happening all over the place and the only problem they have is a load of cocks stuck onto posters. And to be Frank I’d be surprised if quite a few didn’t find it funny. I’m not sure if this is true but a rumours going round that Russell Kane thinks it’s hilarious. Especially as his poster had cocks drawn all over them way before the stickers came out. I’ve heard he Spank poster got a particularly bad grilling. Or should I say roasting from the stick on cocks.

Did Pick of the fringe then Jem, Nik and I went to the beehive but they weren’t serving food. So we had a few drinks and then I headed home. Sat bed listing to music by 10.30.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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