Edinburgh Fringe blog Fri 12th Aug

Huggers got a bad review and knew people would know. Everyone gets the three weeks emails and we all read the bad reviews. Rather than hide and cry about it I went on the royal giving out hugs. Loads of hugs on the royal mile. I think Jeff Dreadnought had been a little busy recently. Some lovely guy drew a sketch of me which was very touching. Everyone i knew, I told them about the bad review and there was almost a look of relief on their faces that i mentioned the elephant in the room. Everyone was disgusted with the ramming the pool cue in the urethra line. Totally uncalled for. I decided to make a complaint about it and shamelessly get some publicity. The audience for Huggers was a little flat but fun. Fantastic Doug Segal did a spot and Otto shoving ping pong balls in his mouth was hilarious.

Down and Out had a lovely full crowd including some guys who saw me at Lebowski’s bar. The only downside was I forgot to bring a CD and had to make do with possibly the most miserable CD of all time. That was the only music i could find. I think Starry Starry Night took the biscuit with the committing suicide line. Pick of the fringe fun but flat. So I was happy to get to Paul B Edward’s gig which was fun and full of energy and smiley laughing people. I did my star spangled banner bit just for Paul and he loved it. The bar was possibly the cheapest in Edinburgh. The staff were lovely and they had this mad Guinness in a can that froths up on some kind of sci fi pad.

Me, Paul and Alex Marion ate this Turkish place then I made the mistake of telling them I was doing the all female night show in drag. For some odd reason they were keen to go. It was all a bit chaotic but fun. When I went on stage as Michelle Belgrave all the comics I knew in the crowd had their mobile phones out. It was brilliant fun and got jeered by the audience when Sajeela said to me, “you’re ugly” and I replied, “yeah, but I’m better looking than you.”

Paul and Alex drunkenly staggered home and I got a cab. Now that’s good night out.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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