Edinburgh Fringe blog Sun 7th Aug

Got up a bit bleary this morning and didn’t ache which was a good thing. Even though I go to bed early I have a habit of staying up till 2am doing stuff like writing, listening to music and watching Flight of the Conchords. I could hear the laughing of Craig’s lovely children and after promising to make them balloons and trying to convince them the prawns from my microwaved Goan Curry was worms they went to the cinema. I recommended Sheep Ahoy if they had time.

I got me bus to the City Cafe as I needed to sort out the problems again. Some pricks been mucking around with the sound desk again. I got there and Alex and Coppin were there and between us we sorted out the sound and replaced the bulb in the second light.

It was raining again and while I was fliering Nik tried to contact an agent who shall not be named who basically could have fucked up our show as both their acts didn’t show. I wouldn’t mind but they asked us to book them. So we made a decision to not book through agents for Huggers. Thank god Tommy Mackay was able to do it at the drop of a hat and my god he was brilliant. He did his song about terrorism, which you may think wouldn’t be suitable for a family friendly show but he stormed it. Nik found Duncan Oakley upstairs having a coffee so he asked him if he could go on. Duncan said he didn’t have his guitar so we asked Tommy if Duncan could borrow his. Duncan tore the room apart. He particularly had everyone crying with laughter with Skating Naked in the Park. I was more than happy to be let down by the other three acts to have these two legends. Everyone including Nik and I were more than happy.

So I went to Espionage, grabbed some fliers and fliered. The rain made it a bit difficult but I had plenty of interest. I checked my tickets online and saw that 3 had been booked recently. I was pretty sure they were going to turn up as they must have booked an hour ago. It’s funny with the ticketing thing. It’s extra work as you have to make sure you get there as the other show finishes to reserve the seats.

I was pretty unsure how the show would go and what audience I would get but I had no fear and was pleased I reserved those sets as I was packed again and the ticket holders were happy because when they got there, the only three seats together were the ones I put out. As it was a Sunday I decided to slow the show down a bit and my god that worked. Although I say his every year I come up to the fringe. Still it was he best show I’ve done so far. I got loads of laughs and there was a guy called Spike who kept chipping in at the right moments who was great fun and backed me up on everything apart from when I asked him if he watched porn. His wife was with him. Then one woman walked out and I asked her if she didn’t like porn and she said, “I love porn, I’m just getting a beer.” when I pointed out she was the perfect woman the place went mental. After the show Spike helped me flyer Pick of the Fringe.

I then went on and did the pick of the fringe which was great fun as usual and occasionally I made the room awkward. But that just became a running theme. Matt Price said he thought I was hilarious. I said the room was a Fritzl affair and this woman said, “that’s a bridge too far.” so I said, “or a cellar too deep.”. I couldn’t stop myself from doing that sort of thing. All in all it was a great night. I went to the Beehive and had The Codfather which was basically a small whale in batter. After that Jem joined me for a bit then I headed to the supermarket, bought some grub then waited for the bus home. I could have got a cab. I made enough from the buckets but I thought fuck that, I’ve paid for my bus pass and I’m going to use it. So I waited 15 minutes in the rain for a bus. Can’t see Sophia putting up with that so better save up my cab money spending for when she arrives.

Home early and in bed early. I can see this being a runnig theme.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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