Edinburgh Fringe blog Mon 8th Aug

I had to leave early because there were sound problems and someone keeps stacking up the chairs. Bet you don’t get this shy at the the presence grand. Did some fliering and the Huggers gig was great fun as always. Josh Howie did his entire show hugging Nik, Steve N Allen was his usual brilliant self, Tommy Mackay did another sterling job and Bob Slayer did his Hungry Caterpillar routine and not only was he brilliant I was so proud of him as he really wanted to do a family friendly set. That guy rocks. Oh and he was sober.

I fliered outside the Espionage before the show as usual and had another full house. Still not sure what order the show should go but it went brilliantly. I had another great porn moment. I asked two guys if they liked porn and they both said yes. After a bit of questioning I found out they were father and son. So I re enacted a scene where the father was handing down his porn to his son. It was the best show yet. Very generous audience.

I grabbed a beer and did a bit of fliering before the Pick of the Fringe. I got a message from Sophia and she said there’d be been riots in Peckham and other places in London.I felt awful for not being there and all of a sudden I felt sad for my city. For all it’s faults I love London and I love living in Peckham. I don’t care what anyone says, we are not a third world country. You cannot justify what is going on. I could understand if they were stealing food to feed their children but this is opportunistic scum. You do not need alcohol, expensive trainers, xbox games and body shop body butter.

I did the next show, but this was on my mind. I kept reading twitter, Facebook, various news websites and the BBC to keep up to date. I remember watching Children of Men and a friend watching it with us said, “I hope things never get like that.” I fear it’s started.

Considering I had other things on my mind, Pick of the Fringe went great. Lovely to see Tom Price again after all these years. I geekilly got my photo taken with him for my Doctor Who blog. Paul Revill turned up to see if he could get a slot and when a certain act failed to bother to turn up I put Paul on who was fantastic. To be honest he was better than the act that failed to show up.

I popped downstairs to have a beer with Dan Willis which was lovely and then I made my way to Lebowski’s where there was a Dudeism gathering for all fans of The Big Lebowski of which I am a fan and have to admit I have fashioned my look as a variation of he dude. They were lovely and I met the head o the religion The Dudely Lama and various other cool people iIn dressing rooms. When I told them I was from Peckham they were very sweet people who said we could use a bit of dudeism right now and I got a few hugs.

The night was just a lovely laid back bunch of people who have been traveling speeding he words of the dude and the guy in charge is the Dudeley Lama. And he commended me on doing the Huggers show. I got interviewed for a documentary, then I did some songs on the ukulele finishing with the Star Spangled Banner. While I was there a lively loud lady bought me a White Russian because she enjoyed Down and Out. It was a shame I couldn’t fully enjoy all this loveliness with the riots on my mind.

After talking to some lovely and interesting characters i got a cab hone worried sick about roils. Spent all Night on twitter and news websites. I called Sophia and was very worried. Had a difficult time sleeping and stayed up till about 5am reading updates. My beautiful city burns tonight.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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