Edinburgh Fringe blog Fri 5th Aug

Didn’t feel too bad this morning, apart from a bit of aching in the legs. Ate the rest of my pasta and made up a CD for the interview I was doing for fringe radio. Basically I made up a CD with some of my favourite Outsider Music. I showered, left the house and waited for a bus. As the bus arrived I realised I left my bus pass at home. I refused to cut my loses and went home and collected my bus pass. While waiting for the bus again there was a man who wanted to talk to everyone who looked like he’d had his face slashed in the past. He obviously thought I was lower down the food chain than him because he let everyone at bus stop go in front of him apart from me. He was either a racist or wanted to look at my arse. To be honest he didn’t look racist and I do have a nice arse.

The bus is great but there’s road works all over Edinburgh. I’m sick of them in London so it’s a pisser to have them here. I had to get off the bus at one point as I knew it would be quicker to walk. I have to say, some of the puerile graffiti drawn on the posters in fucking funny. I’m just wondering how negative to my career would it be to do a faceBook gallery of these pictures or is it worth the risk. Yeah, maybe not. That could be a bit too popular. Maybe I could put them alongside other pictures.

I went to the Pleasance to do an interview with Fresh Air radio. I had a laugh with then last year I wanted tondo another one and boy was it fun. So much fun they had to keep reminding me to plug my show. You can hear it here http://www.freshair.org.uk/node/2057

Huggers was fun but there weren’t many in. 10. And half of them left midway because they wanted to see Sheep Ahoy. And we’ve got Phil who does Sheep Ahoy booked in.

Still churning through the solo show. I should have really written out a proper set list as I had to keep checking the time and kept stopping to remember what I could do next. Although the crowd really enjoyed the ram shackle nature of the show.

I stood outside espionage and fliered for Laughing Horse pick of the fringe and the place was packed in five minutes. Lovely stuff. I have to admit this diary entry isn’t really that Interesting because I forgot to write it up at the time and I’m trying to remember what happened. I think I just grabbed some chips and went home.

Ta dah.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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