Edinburgh Fringe blog Sat 6th Aug

Got up early to discover various emails from people having problems with the City Cafe. Why did I agree to be room manager? The last time I was an assistant manager I was put on report for going AWOL. Being a manager requires great responsibility. It’s not really something I have in abundance. I’m not Spiderman.

I got the bus and made sure to get off the stop that is near piemaker. I got the cheese and onion and pepper beef like yesterday. I remembered to get a loyalty card this time. I already have seven stamps. I got a coffee from the City Cafe and sorted out the sound problems because as usual some bell end has been fucking about with the mixing desk.

We had a great time flyering and as we were about to do our show it started to rain. So we flyerered the families saying that this was a great show to get out of the rain and it worked as we were rammed to the rafters. Everyone on the bill rocked. Phil Shepperd who does Sheep Ahoy was brilliant and he did this great polar bear song. Comedy Sportz did a fast paced ten minutes and roxked the joint. I nade some balloons and played Tiptoe Through the Tulips then introduced Matt Price. Matt was amazing. He just talked to the kids and one of them kept hitting him with a balloon. James Dowdswell finished by doing jokes just for the adults. It was an amazing show. All soured by he fact that some prick from Three Weeks decided to review the show by saying he’d rather jam a pool cue in his euretha. I’m more than happy to give this bell end a hand with that.

Solo show was still a bit of a work in process but it was packed. Half the room was either ticketed or had seem me before. The rest were there because they liked the look of it in the brochure. I’ve got the tiniest van club at the fringe but at least it’s a following. And they enjoyed the show.

Pick of the fringe was rammed and fun. I had a beer and grabbed some food. Not sure if I like this Edinburgh festival. I’m happy and nothing terrible is happening. I’ll probably wake up and find out it was all a dream. It shouldn’t be this easy. What a boring blog. I’m so bored I can’t be bothered to write any mo


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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