Edinburgh Fringe blog Thurs 4th Aug

Had the rest of the pasta for breakfast. Glad I didn’t get drunk the night before. Felt a bit exhausted as it was. I’m still catching up on sleep.

Got to the City Cafe early to sort out the room. I put rest of the chairs out and the first show of Huggers had about 20 in but it went brilliantly. Liam Mullone read from his book. Kate Smurthwaite did a poem and some stand up. Sean Brightman opened up. Me and Nik seemed to have the banter down perfectly. I think this is going to be a great show and relatively easy to do.

I did some fliering outside Espionage for my solo show Down and Out and had a full house. Well my room only holds 40 maximum, so that’s not hard. The show went well, there was a ten year old kid in and I did say there was bad language. The mother came up to me after and said that I was a bit too graphic with the sexual content. You really can’t win with some people. If I had to explain anything that might cause offense I’d have to start giving away punchlines. But all in all I was happy with it. I was going to do a set list and work out what I was going to do, but decided against that as it could have just worked from the off. It was quite rusty and I had to keep trying to remember what happens next.

Happy with this I went and did Pick of the Fringe. This is pretty much how my week will be. So i think you’ll have to look hard and deep for the interesting bits of my blog. I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed down to do Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret. It was the Uke of Edinburgh award and I came second bottom. But it was great fun and there was a guy who was doing ukulele open spots up and down the country who was brilliant and won. So I asked him if he wanted to come on and do Huggers. He was thrilled.

I finished the night by doing Shaggers. I wasn’t supposed to be on but Nik needed some last minute acts as Nik fucked up the listings for that too. I’m surprised he gets his trousers on in the morning. Anyway that was great fun and had plenty of people in. I did my set and cracked my head on the ceiling as I left the stage.

Got a cab home. I really must get the most out of my bus pass.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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