Edinburgh Fringe blog Weds 3rd Aug 2011

i got up and made myself my usual insane breakfast of pasta with meatballs and pork. Yum yum. I then headed to the bus stop and got on the first bus that came along as I was told they all take you into town. I was supposed to meet Alex and Nik in the Three Sisters but I thought I’d head to the bus pass place first. It was an amazing experience. The staff were happy and I got my pass with a photo on it within 5 minutes. I’ve spent longer queuing up at a ticket machine covered in sick. The ticket machine, not me. So I headed to the Three Sisters and met Nik, Alex and Magda. I gave the Three Sisters DVD to the manager and my work was done. Hopefully.

I made my way to the City Cafe and watched Nik’s show – Award Winning Comedian. Nik had the date in he diary by accident so he started a day early and people knew it was on. No one happened to wander in purely because they assumed a gig would be on. They were all there to see the show. He had about 30 in. How brilliant was that? The people there appreciated it as they were all seeing other shows that started early and there wasn’t a lot on. I enjoyed watching it and got annoyed 3 times by acts walking in wanting to ask me questions. By the third time i snapped at whoever it was and told them to talk to me after the show. What the fuck’s up with some people? After that we made out way to the Counting House for the Laughing Horse launch party. It was my turn to MC it this year, which I was really chuffed about that. It was a great night if incredibly hot. So hot my legs were sweating and I had long shorts on. So here’s a run down of the night.

Adam crow started he show off excellently, professionally and hilariously.

Doug Segal did a superb bit of audience manipulation. This blew me and the audience away.

Abagiliah Shauman charmed the crowd and cheekily flierered her show for the duration.

Bob Slayer gave the room a much needed boost to the hot room and was his usual chaotic and drunk as usual.

Lewis Shafter insulted Scotland and the audience hated him. Anyone that knows Lewis found this comedy genius. One of my favourite spots of the night.

The gorgeous Tricity Vogue added the first touch of class to the audience with her rendition of “Do You Take it up the Ass”.

Asian Provocateurs Confused the audience with a sketch about BNP wives. I think the crowd though they were being racist

Battle Acts went on and did some impro. Like Bob Slayer, they injected some much needed energy Into a room that was starting to get unbearably hot.

The show ended with another touch of class as opposed to he array of middle aged sweaty comedians (myself included in that) with the amazing East End cabaret. Seriously brilliant and talented ladies. I can’t wait to see their show. I was rather gushing to then afterwards and like great artistes they loved the adoration.

And that was that. I spent another hour or so in there. I talked in the bar to some people I knew, some I met for the first time and some who knew me but I didn’t know them. Then I got a cab home. Still haven’t worked out these buses.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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  1. Dave Parton says:

    And not a pool cue in site!

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