Edinburgh Fringe blog Sun 31st July

Well it was the day after my birthday and I had to get ready go to the Edinburgh festival again. I hadn’t packed, I had a ton of chores to do and due to gmail cutting off half of Alex’s email meant I only got half the names for the Three Sisters DVD to be shown on the screens and wall of the venue. I got in contact with them and they all got back so that added to my workload.

I had to go and visit my folks before going away as I always do and as you can imagine that took longer than planned. I made sure I passed Tesco and stocked up on some of their cheap tins of wine. 20 in fact. They had a special offer where they were only 89p each and you still got the discount of 5% off if you buy 6 or more and you can swipe your Tesco club-card and I used my credit card where i get 1p off every pound you spend. Get me and my thrifty ways.

So I emptied Ben’s shit tray, took out the rubbish, did the recycling, loaded the dishwasher, watered the front and back garden, killed some slugs and then it was 9pm. I still had to pack, pay some bills, email some invoices and publish my Doctor Who blog as an eBook. I got that done first and you can download it from here http://www.mikebelgrave.com/doctorwho I packed my suitcase and started to finish off the Three Sisters DVD but realised I really couldn’t so would just have to finish it while I was in Edinburgh. Bloody gmail.

Anyhow I packed up the car and headed to the comedy house in Cranley Gardens. I like driving at night, but can’t understand why some people are in such a hurry. I mean it’s 1am Sun/Mon. Where do you have to be that so important? Fucking ambulances. Although I did feel a tinge of hypocrisy when I flashed and gently tailgated someone for doing 20 miles an hour. That sounds slightly homo erotic doesn’t it. I’m going to flash you Tarquin, then I am going to tailgate you in the shower room after rugby. Sommerset Maugham I think.

I got to the house in record time and saw they were all packing to leave. For good. Apart from Henning who looked like he hadn’t even thought about packing a box of sandwiches never mind home and going to the festival. He’s been in this country too long. He’s losing his German efficiency and is stocking up on British tardiness.

I was staying the night there as it takes about an hour off my journey and the chances of Coppin being ready in time with all of his stuff packed and getting it round to Peckham didn’t fill me with confidence considering he still hadn’t got his festival posters due to not paying for them yet.

Coppin really treated me like a king when I arrived. He heated up some left over Chinese takeaway in the microwave and emptied the dregs of an ancient Bacardi bottle into a glass wih flat cola. He then went on to show me and Henning some video of a machine that photocopies 3D objects and recreates them which I was skeptical off and Henning just didn’t believe. Well I’m glad I brought my cans of wine because the extreme generosity of Coppin ran out ten minutes after the first glass of Bacardi and we cracked a few cheap wines open and talked shit before bed and out long journey.


About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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