Torchwood webisode Web of Lies part 1

I’ve never quite got the hang of Twitter, yet I post all the time because other people seem to enjoy my mildly amusing meanderings.  Only about an hour ago I finally got the benefit from it.  There was a message from @elizadushku via @Torchwood4Fans asking how we all enjoyed the webisode Web of Lies.  I had no idea this existed so obviously I decided to give it a watch.  I googled and found there was also a free iPhone app where you can watch the episodes and play some mini games all for free.  Happy days.

Now, I have to admit that for a webisode that only lasts 4.47 I thought it was a bit weird for the credits to last 50 seconds.  Let’s hope that’s not every episode.  You can never expect too much with these extra’s that we’re given.  Occasionally they work really well, like some of the Battlestar Galactica offerings, but I never set my hopes too high.

It’s a simple story that runs parallel to Miracle Day and will almost definitely not be cannon.  It concerns Holly (played by said twitterer Eliza Dushku) and her brother Miles, a conspiracy theorist who gets attacked for getting too close to a truth that will be slowly revealed as the series continues.  It’s not the best animation in the world.  In fact it feels like a moving comic, which isn’t a bad thing as that makes it sort of Manga style.  When you download the app on the iPhone you can get to see the episode and play some simple logic games.  And once you complete each section you get to see another part of the webisode (there’s another 36 second section that follows) and unveil more mini games.  Although I’m completely stuck on the nodes game because I don’t actually understand what I’m supposed to do.  Does that make me thick?  If you are as thick as me you can watch the episodes on YouTube, but if you have half a brain I’m sure it’s more fun to do it via the games.

All in all a welcome extra for us Torchwood fans waiting for the next episode, so well done Starz and BBC for going to the trouble of keeping us fans happy.

About Mike Belgrave

I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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