Doctor Who s06e06 The Almost People

What a fun week it’s been for me Doctor Who wise. I finished the New Adventure story Human Nature by Paul Cornell and enjoyed most of it.  It was a little confusing in places and from what I remember when reading the first four or five New Adventures books, was they had continuity from the previous books.  I don’t really know much about this Bernice Summers character and know that there have been loads of books and Big Finish audio productions of her own adventures, but this was new territory for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad read when you get down to the actual plot, in fact it’s excellent.  But the whole business with the cat being dissected and someone Bernice was in love with recently dying made me confused.  Of course the only reason why I read it was because of the TV adaptation with Peter Tennant, which was amazing and for some reason I never tire of watching.  The book goes into more detail and the deaths are a lot more gruesome.  One of which is a teenage boy’s head exploding all over his fellow classmates.  Don’t think that would have been considered suitable for the Saturday night family audience.

You can still download a free digital version of Human Nature in ePub, PDF and Kindle from this website

Check the bottom of the link and you can also get free copies of other original Doctor Who novels including The Empire of GlassThe Sands of TimeThe Scales of Injustice and Nightshade (by Mark Gatiss League of Gentlemen fame).

The great thing about doing your internet blog on wordpress is they have a handy little thing where you can see what words people use in a search engine to find your blog.  Most are fairly predictable but there was one recently that I think is worth a mention.  The phrase was dr.who-suck my dogs dick.  I assume they got here because I have a nearly complete Wesley Willis discography, of which there is a charming song called Suck a Pitt-bull’s Dick. I had a quick check and I’m currently 12th on a list in google.  Although now I’ve mentioned it here it’ll probably be number one.  Not much of an achievement, but it beats blowing strangers for change.

Now, I also performed at Tricity Vogue’s excellent Ukelele Cabaret last week and as the theme of the night was Geekiness I decided to perform The Doctor Who theme tune on Ukulele and Kazoo, do an audience sing-a-long to I Whupped Batman’s Ass by Wesley Willis and do a Uke-a-long version of Monkeys VS Donkey by Wild Man Fischer.  Apparently the general consensus is my performances are shambolic but entertaining.

I also went to the Doctor Who Experience in Kensington Olympia.  As a fan this is awesome fun.  Admittedly it is aimed at children and families, but the security on the door didn’t bat an eyelid at three paunchy middle aged unshaven men turning up either.

The actual experience itself lasts about half an hour but the gift shop and the exhibition of models and costumes will easily take up another hour of your time.  The staff were really friendly tooand one of them pointed out that if The Silence have been there since the dawn of time, then the two piece suit must be their space suits and we’ve just copied them due to constantly seeing them out of the corner of our eye.  He admitted they all have a lot of time on their hands so they come out with these mad theories all day.  It’s great to meet someone that really enjoys their job.  I wonder if they have any vacancies.

After the The Experience my two friends Dave and Brian went to the pub and nattered about Doctor Who for a few hours.  Brian told me that there was only going to be two more episodes before they took a break and continued in the autumn.  I didn’t know this.  Bum and balls.  I’ll just have to make do with the new series ofTorchwood and watching some old episodes.  Speaking of which Brian pointed out that the cubes from The Doctor’s Wife were from the Patrick Troughton episode The War Games, which made a massive impression on Neil Gaiman who.  So I can kill some time by watching and blogging about that.

Which brings me nicely onto the recent episode The Almost People, the second part of The Rebel Flesh.


Now I was really looking forward to this episode but apart from a few bits I found it was a bit of a letdown.  It started off great, as we got a montage of previous Doctor’s phrase being blurted out.  Not sure why the first Doctor’s sentence was misquoted, but it must have been on purpose.  And it was a nice twist to see that the two Doctors instantly got on well rather than became enemies, but then it isn’t the first time the Doctor’s worked with himself as we’ve seen from The Three Doctor’s, The Five Doctor’s, The Two Doctor’s etc etc.

All in all this wasn’t the big conclusion I was hoping for and if truth be told it was quite confusing with everyone continually running around after each other for half an hour.  However the Jennifer monster at the was nice and scary, the sort of things that would have made me poo my pants when I was seven.  I mean if the mummies from The Pyramids of Mars could induce me to lose half my body weight in excrement then children the same age now will simply disappear in a cloud of their own brown stuff.  Saying that the monster was a little shoe horned in but sod it, nice big monster at the end never hurt anyone, figuratively speaking of course.  And I couldn’t quite workout why the Doctor had to be so mean to Pond, even if she was a ganger and needed her to believe he was a ganger.  Phew, no wonder there were so many facebook status updates from confused people.

Now please tell me this.  Who the hell was that guy at the end who stepped in to save the day by shutting a door?  It all seemed a bit pointless as the ganger Doctor and Cleaves had to shut another door to save the day.  Is this another victim of the cutting room floor?  Was he more integral originally but by the time they trimmed the episode to the correct length he ended up an a TV mistake?  Every now and then Doctor Who does suffer from this.  The disappearing character from The Curse of the Black Spot recently springs to mind and I always used to wonder why Jake just kept shouting so much at Mickey when Ricky dies in The Age of Steel.  I eventually discovered that original plot had them as gay lovers, but it had to be cut out of the final broadcast.  To me the cut makes the Jake character more a bully who needs a punch in the head rather than a distraught lover.  If you watch it again with that in mind it makes a lot more sense.

But what made the episode all worthwhile was the last few minutes.  Not the schmaltzy bit with the ganger’s kid or Cleaves and ganger “Billy no mates” goes into the press conference. No I’m talking about finding out Pond was pregnant.  I did enjoy the Doctor’s saying breath through the episode.  It was fairly obvious eye patch woman was in Pond’s real reality but to have her in control of the ganger and not being aware of it was a stroke of genius.  However it did seem an unnecessarily long way to introduce the gangers for this plot device. Perhaps it needed to be two parts to let it properly sink into out psyche. I personally would have preferred to have the discovery of the ganger Pond a few more episodes down the line.

Last episode next week and then some Torchwood.

6 out of 10


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I am Mike Belgrave, stand up comedian. animator, outsider music musicologist, shambolic ukulele player and music video director extraordinaire.
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  1. Dave Parton says:

    Paunchy? PAUNCHY??

    …… I’m undermuscled.

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