Edinburgh Fringe Blog Thurs 31st July It’s Show Time!!!!

So I woke up about 8.30am and headed to the kitchen to make a coffee and heat up the pasta I made yesterday.  Sitting there was a woman I’d never met before who blurted out at a million miles a second, “Do you know what happened to me last night I locked myself out of my room and I had to ask the neighbours to use their phone and I was in my underpants and I called the agency who let me in which cost me fifty pounds.”

And I said, “Hi, I’m Mike.  And you are?”  Turns out it was my other flatmate Candy who as you may have guessed locked herself out of her room.  Darren and Leo got up and the puns started almost straight away.  Leo is kind enough to keep them to a minimum.  Darren on the other hand starts sentences which sound like they’re going to be puns but they are in fact normal conversations.  This I didn’t mind.  It gave me an excuse to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, Innuendo. So I gave it to him right up the pun.

2014 07 31 carrotsAt about 11 Candy said that she was getting a delivery of carrots for her show and someone had to be in to get them as she was going to be out.  Weird I thought.  Why not just got to Sainsburys across the road?  Eventually they came and it was a massive box of carrots with the green stalks still on.  So I put them in the fridge and they took up all of the fridge.

So I had a few cups of coffee and pasta, had a nice chat with my lovely flatmates then headed to my room and did some more animation for my show and practised the timings and sang the songs.  Was I ready?  No.  Was I nervous? Yes.  Luckily Huggers, the show before me wasn’t on, so I was able to get my ass down to the Three Sisters and work out how to put my show together on the stage.  I didn’t bother to flyer as I didn’t particularly want a big audience for my first run.  It didn’t take too long to set up.  I brought about 10 different leads with me, but in the end all I needed was the VGA cable and I was ready to go.  About 50 people showed up which was awesome considering I didn’t flyer or ticket the show.

How did the show go?  Well in my head it was an utter shambles and the computer froze in the middle.  But I know for a fact that I was being over sensitive, because I’d put more work into this show than any other and took every hiccup personally.  I know it didn’t go vaguely as bad as I thought because I had loads of parents telling how great the show was and even have had messages from parent later on saying how much their children loved it.  Here’s two of my favourites.

Leona Corio (on my Facebook page)
Came to your kids show at the festival this afternoon! (My kids were the very noisy girls on stage! Lol!) We had such a lovely afternoon! Kids talked about how funny you were all the way home. Great show! Hope the rest of your shows all go well! Thank you 🙂

Catherine Coutts (edfringe.com)
We went to see Mike’s first show on 31 July. It was fantastic – 5 out of 5. As Mike says when he steps on stage, it is just pure silliness – and the kids love it. Definitely the best thing we’ve seen on the Fringe so far (and no, I’m not Mike’s mum!!)

2014 07 31 Piemaker the firstHappy with the feedback but knowing more work needed to be done I bought a load of groceries and a few pies from Piemaker.  A steak and ale and an extra-large peppered steak.  Had those two with a glass of red wine and watched a bit of Man of Steel that Nik Coppin said would be much better the second time round.  I have to say he was right.  The bit with Jonathan Kent and the hurricane made me well up a little.  Good old Kevin Costner.

I then spent hours working out why the PC had frozen and I worked out I should have just restarted the computer when I got there and I didn’t realise you can click a button that compresses the files in PowerPoint so they run smoother on your computer.  I ran it through at the flat and fingers crossed this time it would work.

I didn’t bother going out and was pretty much asleep just after 12.  Rock and roll me.

2014 07 31 foreign coinOh and I got my first foreign coin of the festival in my collection.

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Edinburgh Fringe Blog Weds 30th July 2014 Free Festival Launch Party

I must have had about 4 hours sleep with my feet dangling off the edge of the sofa and my hoodie over me as a blanket.  But regardless of this I slept surprisingly well.  Had a coffee, moved the van to around the corner and did a little bit of emailing and social networking.  2014 07 30 Students Stealing SofaLoaded the van, took my stuff to the proper flat and drove the van about a mile away and walked back in the blazing Scottish sunshine.  I had a T-shirt, flip flops and shorts on and like the classic Dangerous T joke, I was still sweating.  You know that joke he does, it’s genius.  On the way to the flat I saw some students carrying a sofa.  Wacky performance piece or theft?  You decide.


2014 07 30 my room si already a messOn the way to the flat I bought a load of pasta, meatballs, sauce etc etc. and then I went to Greggs and bought some pies.  Don’t tell the people that own Piemaker.  I unpacked and made my room an instant mess, I skyped my wife and daughter which was lovely, ate my pies, cooked the pasta meal for the flat and made my way to the Th2014 07 30 Pasta and meatballs for the flatree Sisters launch party where fingers crossed that bloody DVD would finally work.  It was a gloriously lovely sunny day.  I got the DVD working, got chatting to the lovely Karen Bayley and her cute dog and then the heavens opened.  Great.  And there I was in shorts and T-Shirt, being got at by the great Scottish summer.

The party was great fun.  Genius idea to have it outdoor with a cover as every other year it’s been hotter than hell.  Leo Kearse popped in and grabbed the keys to the flat.  I was telling him about the party which he didn’t seem too interested in till I mention the free booze and food.  Then he was like a Meerkat on heat who’s just seen another Meerkat of the opposite sex also on heat.

The party was great fun and unpretentious like some of the parties I’ve been too at the fringe.  I got myself a few free beers and a rather awesome hog roast in a ciabatta from the street food stall.  The show was great fun as well.  My particular favourite was the mad bloke with puppets, his name is Paul Vickers and the character’s name is Twonky.  Definitely go and see him. I was particularly impressed with the way Sully O Sullivan and bobby Mair wowed the crowd.  As a stand up its difficult to make people listen after they’ve had music, visual stuff, drags acts etc etc.  But these boys were amazing and held the crowd beautifully.  My absolute faves were The Sons of Pitches.  Brilliant brilliant A Cappella.  The sort of show t2014 07 30 That Spier-Man has really let himself go.hat starts at the Free Festival and rockets.  In my opinion they are the next Cabaret Whore, East End Cabaret and Austentatious.  Watch them now before the reviews come in and you can’t get a seat.  It was all MCd by the “too sexy for Edinburgh Festival” Jeff Leach.   I’m not gay, but I would.  Know what I’m saying?  Don’t tell the wife.

2014 07 30 Bummer-Man 1I stayed for a few more drink where Nik Coppin tried to bum Rob Deb and Katerina Vrana just wanted to talk to me so she could be mentioned in my blog.

Got home and slept so deep I was practically dead.  Didn’t hear the other flatmates come in.  Show still not finished.  Piemaker still not visited.  I’m slacking.

Oh and it was my birthday.  I got reminded by the 200 people who told me on Facebook.

Mike Belgrave’s Krazy Komedy Show 4 Kidz will be at the Free Sisters Maggie’s Chamber 3.45pm 31st July – 16th Aug 2014 DETAILS HERE

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25th July 2014 – On the Road to Edinburgh 1

I feel that I have officially started getting on the road towards the Edinburgh fringe and as always I’ll blog about my experiences.  This year has had a bit of a rough start.  I have my show written but needed to do a load of animation for it.  This I knew would be easy as I had loads of time.  But procrastination didn’t get in the way this time, no.  Family illness, operations, job interviews, volunteering at my local school and being forced to go on holiday all culminated in me not being 100% ready for my preview which the lovely people of the Comedy Cow arranged for me.  I did the main animations that would actually extend the show rather than enhance it. And I also had to use a DVD player to do the presentations because I didn’t have the right connectors to connect my laptop to the projector Chris Gilbert so kindly sold me on the cheap.  In the end the show went really well.  It was a bit shambolic but the art section in particular brought the house down.

I walked away happy and even got a twitter comment from one of the parents who said her daughter said I was “The funniest man in the whole world”.  High praise indeed.  Move over McIntyre, there’s a new court jester in town.

Well after much soul searching and amazon searching I finally managed to get my laptop attached to the projector.

2014 07 25 Road to Edinburgh LeadsI attached a HDMi to HDMi to my laptop and attached one of the HDMI cable to a HDMI to AV Composite RCA CVBS Video + Audio Converter For TV PS3 VHS VCR DVD which needed a USB cable attached to the UBS port of the laptop to power it and attach this to a 3 RCA Phono to Triple Phono Audio Video Cable Lead to the projector.  Quite easy when you know how.  But as boring and confusing as that all is I can tell you I breathed a massive sigh of relief.

So loads more animation and the Three Sisters DVD to edit and I’ll be ready for the Edinburgh fringe.

Better get that pot of coffee continually on the go.

Mike Belgrave’s Krazy Komedy Show 4 Kidz will be at the Free Sisters Maggie’s Chamber 3.45pm 31st July – 16th Aug 2014 DETAILS HERE

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Cape Lifting 10 – Spider-Man


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Cape Lifting 08 – I do like to be beside the seaside


West Bay Broadchurch cliffs 1I recently went on holiday by mistake to West Bay and when I went to the beach I had many revelations.  First of all I found a new location for the second Love in London story.  I always imagined that each story would be based somewhere different so it would be called Love in… insert place name here.  I absolutely love the place and imagined how it would be in the winter time.



West Bay Broadchurch cliffs 2It has a beautiful coastline that I quickly realised was used in the rather amazing TV show Broadchurch.  It has a great history and also what they call the Jurassic coastline.  I’ve always had a thing for seaside towns and for some reason want to spend time in one during a really cold out of season period with the brutal waves crashing against the entire town.  I decided there and then that part two would be set there and it would give me an excuse to have dinosaurs in part 2.  Still need to finish all the issues of the first story but it’s always good to plan ahead.



I also had a great idea to do the next Cape Lifting like a seaside postcard so did loads of Batman sand sculptures.

This drove Nik Coppin into a massive hissy fit which forced his to colour in his own Cape Lifting as I said I had no time to do another one and if one wasn’t ready by Weds I’d use the Batman sand castles.







When he sent it there was no background and there was far too much space above and below.  So as a good editor in chief I quite happily did the background for him.

He replied, “You’re such an asshole.  But that did make me laugh. C**t.”






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Still going and Cape Lifting 07 – Thanos

Hey you, put down that gun. And you, take your head out of that noose. And for gods sake stop playing that Justin Beiber CD. Life is worth living guys, because the new Cape Lifting is fresh out of the oven.

I like this one a lot.  The jokes are getting better and so are the drawings.  It’s multi-layered and it’s great, mainly because I have created it all on my own.  The team are starting to slack off and seem more bogged down with getting on with their own lives and writing Edinburgh shows.  How bloody selfish.  But I am now getting back to writing Love in London episode 2.  A new simpler newspaper type strip based on fictional children in the town of Dunstable, more Cape Liftings and my own Edinburgh show, which is pretty much written.  I just have to find the time and strength to put it into a coherent package, pick up a projector and finish the animation.

But till then, enjoy the latest Cape Lifting starring that happy chappy Thanos.  Thanos?  You know Thanos.  He’s the guy no one knew who the hell he was, even when you saw him at the end of The Avengers movie, then you checked him out on Wikipedia and bought the recent Thanos Rising comic and now you’re an expert.  Yes, that’s him.


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I’m Still ill and Cape Lifting 06

I’ve been in bed most of the week with a bloody virus that robbed me of all my strength.  I’ve been barely able to lift anything and walking’s even been a bit of a struggle.  Going up and down the stairs has been a particular problem especially when your wife and mother in law seem to have a fetish for leaving their shit on said stair.  Hand bags, shopping and on one occasion a life sized three foot high toy cuddly dog.  I’m 95% better now thanks for asking and will slap the person who gave this to me.  Obviously when I’ve got all my strength back otherwise it will only be sexual harassment at best as I gently caress their face in an angry way.

Oh and here’s the latest Cape Lifting


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